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Wow DAKine, that's a name from my windsurfing days. Thanks for the offer Dave. Is it pretty crushproof ? Just looking at the picture it looks like it has soft sides. I had something like this in mind and if there are no hard shell cases out there I might just pull the trigger on this.

Hi Simon,

It feels like fairly rigid plastic (i.e. it has some "give") around the sides. The back is fully rigid, whilst the top is lightly padded.

Best Regards

Last winter Y`s had travel packs exactly like the cardboard `Kabuto` one suggested above, but they were made out of white corrugated plastic. They fold flat like cardboard for storage but assembled seem a lot stronger. They were 10 grand. I too was looking for a hard case (found a nice one in Map Sports for 9万円...) and thought that this collapsible contraption was the way to go, but then I decided not to take the bike after all and so didn`t get one. You might want to check if they still have any...

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