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want to race in japan. HELP ME!!!


Dec 15, 2006
hi everyone, my name is lyle dickie, and i have something to confess.... i like to ride bikes. so much so that i am now single (dumped), and heading into my first racing season. i want to start racing in japan, but i dont even know where to begin. i ride road, and since its my first year i want to try a bit of everything. road races, time trials, hill climbs. you name it, if its on 2 wheels (preferably) im game. looking for someone to help me put together a schedule, or even a travel buddy(s) would be better. any help would be appreciated, and you can be sure that i wont waste your time. im very serious about this. thanks for you help in advance. lyle
I just happend to come accross this site and found your message. I do not know where you are from but Japan is not so active on road racing due to reluctancy to share the public roads to cycle racing by the police authority. However, you can find various race events especially for hill climbs at mountainous area during spring and summer time, and also can find some criteriums, endurance, type of racing events. One of the turnkey recommendation is to join local cycling team owned by cycle shops get together for racing, or if you can read Japanese, you cann find race events schedule on the cycle mags.
Races in Japan.

Hey Lyle,
This is Travis.
I've been in 4 races over here - "Tour de Kusatsu" twice, "Mt. Fuji hill-climb" once, and the last "Tokyo-Enduro".
Tour de Kusatsu is short (13km), but quite a steep hill-climb race - I'll be doing it again this year too.
Mt. Fuji was up the main road (Subaru-line) - Not the same one that "Thomas" & "Sora" did - but it's 24km up to the end of the road.
Tokyo-Enduro is a 4-man team (one rider at a time) 4 hour time-trial.
Our group came 9th out of 134 teams - so we were up there!
Also this year, there's a 4-man TTT race happening near Mt. Fuji, that I would love to go in as well.
Races over here basically start in April, and finish around late November.

So, are you still in Guam? Or have you already re-located to Japan?
If you're in Japan now, you should come on some of our "club-rides".
Otherwise, you should let us know when you're coming over here.
We're doing a mountain-climb ride tomorrow.... Possibly to see who be in the TTT race in June.

Also Ryo, great that you found the site too.
I hope we can go on some rides together - you sound like you know a bit about the racing circuit over here. It'll be good to hear your advice.
Rubber down! T
Hey Lyle, this is Ken Williams...welcome to the site, it took you long enough.

TCC members, Lyle is a very good cyclist, he actually got me into the sport. He is looking for people to ride with but he really wants to race...he bought a Power Tap:)

Continue to network with us here on TCC and I'm sure you can find out more about racing from the members here. I'm sure you could have raced with TCC last month at the Tokyo Enduro...maybe we can get two teams next year.
I'm on the south end of Honshu and will agree that racing is rare unless you are in Tokyo. I've done a few races on the south end of Honshu (Okayama, Matsue, Iwakuni/Hiroshima, and Shimonoseki).

I recommend Tour de Kunisaki on May 3rd near Oita/Beppu. It's a great race during Golden Week and is almost always great weather.
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