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Wanna ride from Shinjuku on Sept 11th?


Maximum Pace
Dec 31, 2009
I will be in the city from Nagano and want to do a road ride from Shinjuku in the morning of September 11th. I dont know the area at all so please be my guide! I can show you around Ina, Nagano and take you in the Alps here as a return favor, or fix a bike if needed! I can ride up to 60k on this day ( I would do more but my wife and kids will be waiting at the hotel, so earlyer the better) and can keep a fast or slow pace. Lets get an esspresso at the half if its on the route or before we start. I enjoy racing my bike, working on bikes and living the family life farming here in Japan. Lets Ride. Just post here if interested and I will check periodically and answer questions.
I can hook up with you for this. 60k barely gets you outta the city and back, but there are some urban routes that are pretty good. What axe will you have?
I will have my road bike. The custom made track bike is still on the wish list. I dont mind staying in the city. I get plenty of country riding where I am in Nagano. We can think about a time when it gets closer to the date, earlyer is better for me!

The more people the better! I Need to be back to my Hotel by 9:00AM so I can get ready for the day and check out of the Hotel. Do one of you guys have a route you can think of and a guess on how long it will take so we can take a guess on what time to meet up? I dont mind just cruisin either I dont know the area though so I will totally leave that up to you guys.
Possible Course!?

As everyone else has mentioned, 60km doesn't go far in the city.
But how about this? Head north until you hit Arakawa, and follow it all the way down to "Kasaibashi-Dori"? That'll give you a good 25km on the widest, and easiest-to-ride-on cycling road in Tokyo. Then cut across back towards the Imperial Palace (you could even do a racing lap, if you still have time), before heading back to Shinjuku?
Anyway, have a look at the map, and see what you think!
Might join you and the other guys too! Travis
Sounds good to me!

Awesome! I have no objection to anywhere we go!
How long does that route take?
We can all decide as a group the morning of or if you guys want you can hash it out on this thread.
Rain or shine for me as well. Just in case.
Stopping at all light is a must for me is a must, even if no cars are present. I took an oath when I joined SFbike coalition years back and I have been commited ever since.

Hope to hear more from anyone who wants to ride!

-Chuck W.
That's pretty close to my regular training ride.. Shinjuku -> Yamete Dori -> Arakawa -> Various returns. Got some tires stashed by the river, too, so you can try a hiki if you want. Need to roll by 6.30 at the latest - or even earlier as coming back the traffic will slow you down. Good idea about throwing in a Palace race lap!
6:30 Start

So unless there is an objection 6:30 sounds great. I would not object to 6:00 either. I wake up at 4:00 am 6 days a week to milk cows so either one will be sleeping in for me.
My Apologies

I am very sorry, but due to the fact our van is having an overheating problem, my family and I will be taking the train into tokyo and I will not be bringing my Bike:(. Sad about that, probably more sad about the repair bill:mad: I hope you guys can still enjoy a ride without me.

Is there any bike shops I shouldnt miss in the city, stocked with road and cyclocross stuff? Or any shops in shinjuku?

I may be free on Sat, not sure on my work schedule, are you guys still heading out at 6:30? And if so from where????

Will be out on Friday night but if I get home in a reasonable enough state I would also very much like to join.


Sorry - I just read your earlier mail about not bringing the bike. OK.
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