Ride Wako-tomin- some other fecking mountain-otsuki sunday31st


Bokeh master
Sep 28, 2011
Me and me will be riding out from wako to tomin no mori via hinode. After that descending past some fecking lake, then doing another big fecking mountain, and descending to otsuki where I board some fecking train going god knows where. On which I will get my post ride jollies watching people grimace as they brush up against my sweaty stench.

Not for noobs, climbs are WATT (within 15min) should be about 160km all told and maybe over 3000m I'd kind of like to get to 200km so I can call it a brevet. So there may be a plan B for bonus climb for a "legs still feeling good" at Otsuki kind of situation. (Unlikely)
Date Sunday 31st
Departure: wako Riken institute at 6:30 or maybe later if someone has a better plan. Or earlier if I get no takers.
Maps: links will be posted if there is any interest. I say maps because I am cobbling together a collection that I am stealing off RWGPS.

Get on it goons and let's see what ya got for fecks sake.


Maximum Pace
May 6, 2012
@Aron B and I will be joining, meeting at the Gusto restaurant on the crossing of route 254 and the Tokyo Gaikan highway at 7.00h. We will probably get to Musashi-Itsukaichi around 9.00h. Looking forward to it.