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For sale Classifieds Wahoo Elemnt Bolt v2

GPS Cycling computer with colour screen, USB-C, bluetooth and WiFi
This item has been sold and is no longer available!



I ended up with two units of this bike GPS because I bought a new one after having misplaced the previous one, then found it again. I bought this one in April 2022. It currently sells for 37,558 yen on Amazon (link).
Battery life is excellent, it still handles 15+ hour rides without recharging (I have done a couple Century rides). It has a USB-C port, so will charge with standard smartphone chargers. I use an angled (L-shaped) USB-C cable so I can charge while riding, even though that's not really an issue on single day rides.

The screen has no scratches, the unit looks virtually new. I have done a factory reset and updated to the most recent firmware (same as my recent purchase). It comes with a handlebar mount. I still have the original box. I have Kanto and Chubu maps installed but it has 8 GB of memory free for downloading maps for virtually anywhere in the world using the companion app on an iPhone or Android.

Happy to meet anywhere in Tokyo or Kanagawa for hand delivery.



Maximum Pace
Oct 25, 2011
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