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Wada North (Tallons Traverse)


Feb 4, 2009
Rather than mess up Lees thread "Ome to Uenohara" again, I thought I'd start a new thread here.

As Lee and Steve say, the climb is paved all the way to the peak, then you descend perhaps 50m down to the cabin on top of Wada. When you sit on the benches there, you see the stony path leading north - the stones only last as far as you can see, they end at the first bend. The climb has plenty of leaves of course this time of year, and there are small stones here and there, but certainly no major problems for road tyres. The road up to Jimba onsen from the east has far worse sections, Deej.

When you descend Wada the normal route to the east, eventually you end up at a T junction with a small combini. Go left here, and you rise slowly up a very scenic valley with small houses to the start of the climb.

The climb starts at a chain across the road between two yellow hoops embedded in the ground. You will find another chain across the road 200m up the road, at first glance you think you will need to carry the bike over, but it is simple to continue riding here, a small gap just after the chain allows you to drop down and take the road to the left.
After that, just head up, avoiding small stones hidden in the leaves.
The summit is just beyond a great view of the mountains, theres a large rock with a mirror on top at the highest point.

http://www.mapmyride.com/route/jp/wado touge/893125758620499502

So my time was 25min 8 seconds, a new world record! :cool: I am sure it won't last long.

The ride in total came to be 82km, I dont have GPS but there is around 2000m of ascent from mapmyride. It really was a case of one descent taking you into the next ascent, no break in between - the profile looks cool. All the descents are technical, I didnt get above 49km until the final descent of Otarumi touge.

http://www.mapmyride.com/route/jp/jimba san/131125750818981270

Thanks Deej and Steve, the original pioneers of these rindos!

Thanks for the report, Andy. Great information.

I'm keen on doing that climb. And from the elevation data, it looks rather steep. We likes it! Adding Tallon's Traverse to the out-and-back route is a master touch. It packs in quite a bit of climbing in a relatively short distance -- perfect for when I want to whip my legs into shape but don't have a whole lot of time. Take the train out to Takao and -- Bam! -- 2,000 meters of climbing at my doorstep.

I wish I could take credit for pioneering the onsen rindo, but I'm afraid I was merely standing on the shoulders of giants when I started jabbering about that route on the TCC bulletin board.

And congrats on the world record time. :)

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