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Speeding Up
Sep 8, 2008
Deej, some more news for you now that you are out of your fetal position. Simon and I went out today and he coached me up a couple of climbs, Otarumi-toge (Takao approach) which was polished off in 10'39. Simo wasn't far behind, not a bad effort seeings as he is only recently out of retirement.
We then headed for Wada-west, but the night of beer drinking and minimal sleep the night before caught up with me and my time wasn't so hot... 20'23. Not too different from your time of 21'58 Deej; perhaps this will give you some motivation to uncurl and get out there for revenge;
Unfortunately my GPS ran out of batteries so the only proof I have is my HR/dist/altitude data (and of course the word of Big Man Simo.) HR data is here: http://wotho.pd.uwa.edu.au/~clocke
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