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For sale Classifieds Volte Carbon Wheels - 38mm road Wheels

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Selling another set of wheels...

I have 2 pair of these, hence once pair needs to go.

Volte Carbon wheels, a smaller Europe based brand, and the wheels are made in Taiwan. Very nice riding wheels, robust, nice all-round rim height, very nice hubs. They are DT like "ratchet" drive, and one of the first hubs to get around DT`s patents. FYI the freewheel noise is quite loud when coasting, please keep this in mind if you are someone who likes silent hubs.

The rims are hookless, so that means tubeless only. I was able to get the tires (Bontrager R3 TLR) on by hand, and they held a bit of air without sealant in them. The finish on the rim bed is very well done and high spec. My other pair are hooked, so if you want hooked I could probably be talked into selling the hooked wheels instead of hookless. (no tires on the hooked).

Hubs: Volte Ratchet - DISC: 142x12, 100x12
Rims: 38mm hookless / tubeless
Spokes: Sapim
Tires: Bontrager R3 TLR
Sealant: should be refreshed
1460 grams or so for the set

Retail is 1299 Euro.

These are used, and have some scratches. Maybe 2500km on them. No issues.

Price includes shipping in Japan excluding Okinawa and Hokkaido. (a little more for those two)
This is a great deal and I'd be all over them but they're disc, right? I can't really be buying wheels for a bike I don't currently have, despite future bike plans and the good price you're offering.
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