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Help Visiting Tokyo in July... love to find riders!

"Montreal" Gary

Jun 23, 2013
Hi - I'm arriving in Tokyo July 13 (available to ride July 14)... I'm thinking of bringing my bike. Would love to find some people to ride with... or get some suggestions of reasonable routes (60k to 150k).

I'll be staying at the Capital Hotel in Nagata Cho


Maximum Pace
Aug 28, 2012

It's going to be hot and sticky -- but you already knew that.

For weekend rides, keep an eye on the Half-Fast area here. But also other parts of this website. (There are some rides arranged during the week, but of course most people have work commitments.) If you can't wait for others to arrange rides, "Positivo Espresso" describes an interesting set of rides.

You'll be right in the centre of Tokyo, and getting out of the centre and the burbs and the tiresome strip development of car sales lots and drive-in junk food (etc) takes time even for people who know how to go where they want to go; it's going to be worse if you also have to battle with unfamiliar placenames on signboards. So it will be good to put your bike on the train. You'll then have to wrap it. If you don't already have a bag to put your bike in, you can easily buy a smaller one (maybe a bigger one too) at the Akasaka branch (very near Nagata-cho) of a chain called "Y's" and you can buy a bigger one for an excellent price elsewhere.
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