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Visiting Tokyo and Fukuoka


Mar 23, 2015
I will be visiting Japan for our 3rd trip and will be starting in Tokyo and making our way towards Fukuoka. I'll be with family (husband and 17yr old son - he and I speak a little Japanese).
I'm a cycling coach and run a women's cycling business in Australia and both husband and son are keen cyclists too (faster than me too).
We really want to get some cycling in while we are there and thinking about doing the Shimanami Kaido and also some cycling around Fukuoka/Mt Aso area.....not sure yet!
We don't really want to be riding mama bikes and it would be nice if we could get our hands on some road bikes so we can go a little further and a little faster!
Any advice welcomed as we are just in the initial stages of planning, but summer will be our journey time.
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