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Visiting Minato-ku on business, but with my folder!


Sep 5, 2008
Hi there,

I'll be in Minato-ku for business from 9/16 to 9/19. Business will be boring, but I'll be bringing my Brompton folder for the first time. :)

Wondering if there are any folder riders in Tokyo and whether if you could suggest "things to do on your folder when in Tokyo"?

I'm thinking of something nutty like a after-midnight ride before heading to get beer since the streets would be clear and I'll still be jet-lagged? Thanks much!

ps. Will I be upsetting some status quo if I bring my folder to the subways?
avoiding rush hour is best and putting it in a bag is better, but should be no problem. be aware, the subways don't run all night!

Personally, I love cycling Harumi Dori at night (goes past Tokyo station area, Ginza etc) ... but some of my friends think I have a death wish. I don't know much about folding bikes, though, so I couldn't say if it's a good plan for you or not.

Watch out for cab doors and motorcycles splitting the lanes with you. Have good flashers.

Thanks very much!! I will definitely check out these places you mentioned.
I ride a folding bike too, a Birdy BD-1. Taking it on the train is no problem as long as it's in a bag...wouldn't want to get chain gunk on someone's suit. It's also a good idea to avoid rush hour.

There's a folding bike club that rides the Arakawa every 3rd Sunday of every month. Perhaps, you can join them.

Oh crap! I'll definitely miss out on the Arakawa outing. I will only be in Tokyo from 16th to 19th....Oh well, perhaps next time.

I am definitely not going to take the Brompton up on and into the train during rush hour. I've seen how crowded that is, and it would be in such bad form.

Most likely, I anticipate I will ride around in the evening and night while working through my jet-lag, and also early in the morning just to explore nearby hotel area. This is when I wish I have a Bike Friday roadbike so I can really take it out to the country side and let it rip. Perhaps next time.

Oh hey, just curious: does anyone know where I can go and perhaps pick up some cool Japanese jerseys/bibs? Thanks.

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