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Visiting from California


Sep 8, 2015
Hey all,

I'll be taking a two week trip to Japan in early November (from the 3rd to the 15th). I'm spending 2 days in Hakone, heading into Tokyo for a few days, then to Kyoto, then back to Tokyo. I'm an avid cyclist currently living in San Francisco, and have the pleasure of working for Strava.

I'm looking for a group to ride with out of Tokyo on Saturday, November 6th. Somewhere in the range of 70 miles at a moderate pace. I'll keep an eye out on this forum for any rides that get posted. Alternatively, if anyone would like to show a traveling cyclist some of his or her favorite roads, hit me up!

Looking forward to visiting!


Half-Fast Mike

Lanterne Rouge-et-vert
May 22, 2007
Greetings, Carlin. If the weather is nice, there will almost certainly be something happening.
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