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Sep 2, 2009

Went out for the first time on my new bike. Loving it! (see my other thread...)

Now, I got a light for the back which I attached to the seat post.

A strobe type, which has four settings, and fires off at a hell of a rate.

I used this all evening, and cars seemed to be able to see it, as when I was approached from behind, most (hmm) of the cars gave me some space (which I appreciated)

Now, I know that only one light is not enough, so what should I be going for?

I am thinking, light on the front, lights on the valves, and really garish clothing covered in Scotch-Brite esque stuff.

Any other advice?

Can not wait to get out on the beast again tomorrow!
Congrats again on your new bike...

On visibility from the rear.. I like to have one high power blinkly light and augment this with some reflective tape that I put on the back of helmet, and in one case my shoes.

Also, you probably have this already, but defn have a front light. I have 3 or 4.. Small blinky type that's good in the city so that cars (i.e, turining into your lane of travel), mama chari's, pedestrians, etc... can see you coming. For rural riding (where you need to light your way), I take a high power LED flashlight (like from Deal Extreme). I have a small CRE LED (about 100-180 lumens) and a high power MC-E (similar to P7) LED that's good for up to 600 lumens. The bigger one is about as powerful a HID (xenon) lights that cars use on high power setting. Deal Extreme sell the small ones for about 2000 yen shipped and the bigger one for about 3800 yen.
I have cat-eye on my seat post and will put one or two 100yen shop flashing bicycle lights in my back jersey pockets. They flash strong enough through the material. If I use one I put it on my right hand side pocket so it's closer to cars.
I have a cateye blinky attached to my seat post, and also have one within my helmet. Very small Bike Guy blinky, about 10g or so, if that.

Lights have really come on in leaps and bounds since I was an old boy.


Put a photo in the gallery. not sure how to embed them in posts.
Embedding images;

Go to http://imageshack.us/

Upload an image.

When it uploads, click on the DIRECT LINK box, which will highlight the link.

Hit CTRL C to copy it.

Come back here, and click on the 'insert image' button, which will bring up a dialogue.

Hit CTRL V to paste the info into there, and hit OK.

Job done!

And, thanks for all the info!

I will go and get a light for the front today.
FWIW I have two Knogs that I put on the end of the drops. Fits snugly in place.

Putting lights on the valves might make your wheel a bit unbalanced. You'll feel it when your up to speed.
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