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For Sale Vintage Bridgestone Radac 3100


Mar 16, 2009
Vintage Bridgestone Radac 3100 size 52
Full aluminium frame and fork. It's not the cheap one with only the top tube made of aluminium!!!

Seatpost: vintage shimano dura-ace
Seat: vintage vetta(custom padding)
Pedals: vintage shimano 600
Cranks: 2012 shimano 105 black
BB: 2012 shimano dura-ace
Rear derailleur: 2012 shimano 105 black
Front derailleur: 2012 shimano 105 black
Shifters: shimano dura-ace down tube
Brakes: 2012 shimano 105 black
Bar: vintage Nitto drop
Headset: vintage shimano dura-ace
Stem: vintage shimano 600
Wheel set: shimano( forgot the exact model number( I think its the R510), lower middle class I think).

Everything is in good working condition!
Just the frame set has a lot of stickers. You could remove those and have a clean black silver/grey Radac!!!
I prefer pickup but could bring it to central tokyo.
The saddlebag is a present!

Fender not included!
Price: 40000yen Now 36000yen



Maximum Pace
Oct 11, 2009
The Grant Petersen RADAC came in only 3 sizes as far as I know -- 49cm , 51, 53. Apparently a 55 and 57 was made for the North America market - I've never seen them. I've been searching for a 53 for a long time - at least one that hasn't been abused, retro or refitted with odd bits , etc. I saw ONE on the Arakawa - it was ridden by a guy that had it since new. Everything original including the Dynamo, lights, etc.. Once Bridgestone lost Petersen their bikes went to hell in a handbag if you ask me. Besides the novel hydro-formed steel RNC system, nothing but that RADAC stands alone as truly innovative in Bridgestone's stables. Their new carbon entries are dull, over engineered and odd riding, even the primary designers have moved to greener pastures (like Petersen did with Rivendell).

I really lusted after this bike back in late 80's when I was actively racing. It was by far the lightest production bike made and stiff enough to race hard! Compared to the Alan, which was a great bike but had a nasty habit of 'de coupling' at sometimes the worst moments! (Still scars on my shoulder from that!) The Alan was also much more flexy than the Radac - so it was generally relegated to CX / Winter training. Alan was smart - they reconfigured the bike especially for CX and it became one of the most popular (and winning) CX bikes ever! RADAC, which was technically and functionally superior in my opinion, just faded away after it was pushed out by the Bridgestone cookie cutters.


Maximum Pace
Dec 14, 2006
I was working in the Bridgestone factory and one morning my job was to crush the rear triangles of some RADAC frames before they went in the skip. They were pushing the NEOCOT steel frames and the alumi Radac weren't in vogue. Yep Alan were noodles, amazing how much they could flex and still command a premium price. Agree about the new souless Anchors.
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