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Vinos Romandie Sprint


Maximum Pace
Dec 31, 2009
Alexandre Vinokourov (Astana) won stage three of the Tour de Romandie between Thierrrens and Neuchâtel in slightly controversial fashion. The Kazak was sprinting side by side with breakaway companion Mikael Cherel (AG2R La Mondiale) when he moved slightly to his left. The Frenchman was almost trapped against the barriers and so had to check his sprint; Vinokourov crossed the line in celebration with Cherel waving his arm in protest, but the result was allowed to stand.
Here is the video. The incident is around 5:20.


Tough to say......... What do you think?

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Maximum Pace
Oct 11, 2009
Thats a tough one. I personally doubt that Vino intentionally tried to block him - however - in the heat of the sprint - its a natural tendency to 'check' ANYTHING that is blocking your approach to the finish - especially if you feel you have a slight wheel on the adversary. Vino was cutting it really thin here - especially as Cherel was trapped on the inside line. So - either its a decent blocking move by Vino - or a violation of a neutral line during sprint.


Speeding Up
Jun 13, 2007
The race commissaires ruled it out in Vino's favour, I kinda agree with them.
His line was straight and why would Cherel chose his line on the inside (so close to the barriers)?

I am not sure about his bike thrashing, however. It might have been on purpose - Vino is a cunning old fox


Maximum Pace
Sep 13, 2010
I`m with Serguei here. As much as I can`t stand Vino, I don`t have a problem with what he did, even if it was deliberate. The fault was with Cherel for his positioning in the first place: he was the one who chose to be tucked up on the left-hand barrier, and hence left himself open to what happened. If you notice, the left-hand barrier wasn`t straight, it kinked in at certain points, and just as the last kink came into play, Vino executed a lovely boxer`s feint. :smoke: All part of the game and I wouldn`t even put it close to the stuff (Jose) Mourinho does which does cross the line for me.

The quote from Vino sums it up perfectly:
"I positioned myself near the barrier on the left side of the road from the last 200 metres and I made my sprint properly," he said, "nothing prevented him from positioning himself on the right, it is unfortunate for him, but it’s not debatable."

Note to Cherel: if you`re really not happy with what Vino did, don`t wave your arm in the air like a big girl`s blouse, take out his back wheel! :gun: Some lessons in the dark art of sprinting from Abdoujaparov wouldn`t go amiss...
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