Video cameras on bikes


Maximum Pace
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Jul 26, 2008
This CNN video was posted in the road rage thread:

At 1:05-1:08 you can see what I'm pretty sure is a video camera mounted on a post on his bars, with an umbilical into his backpack.

Has anyone ever used a similar setup, a helmet-mounted camera, etc.? What have you found that works and what doesn't? Any resources that anyone could link to?
Jan 14, 2007
I re-worked a camera tripod stand and a handle bar light bracket into one unit.
I think it vibrates a bit too much sometimes but you can adjust the angles up/down/left/right.
I saw a better set up where a guy just used masking tape and taped the camera to the stem. Faster and disposable. He used it in a race.
I intend to film from my bike our night sprint trainings soon...


Maximum Pace
Jan 30, 2007
I use a DogCamSport remote camera linked to a Sony camcorder which sits in my Camelbak. It's a good system but involves a lot of cables, batteries etc. You can see the results on my Youtube page (click "Watch in High Quality" to see decent resolution and frame rate.) The quality is actually better than you see on Youtube because of their video compression.
He will ship to Japan if you contact him directly. You have to ask for an NTSC camera to work with Japanese camcorders.

The Daddy of cameras has got to be the VIO P.O.V. 1.

If this had been available when I got my system I would have definitely got one.