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Vicious Little Dog..... Solution Needed....HELP!!


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Dec 3, 2010
Recently I've been attacked by this vicious little dog, this old lady walks her dog in our area, I run into her and her mad dog during my deliveries.

The dog just launches at me, attacks full throttle, and bites, hard!

So far the mad dog has only been able to chop on my foot, and I wear good solid MTB shoes that have protected my foot, but if it gets my ankle, that is just a thin sock.

After the first attack the lady walked by my L shop and I went out and confronted her, the dog attacked again, this time I punted it away from me and told the lady to stay away!

Now before you go off about the cops, or the government, don't they are uniformly useless, basically until the dog rends flesh and does some real damage the "Authorities" can and will do nothing, my wife has phoned both the cops and the ward office.

My desired solution involves a blunt instrument, a shovel and a hole in the ground, but this being Tokyo, that is not going to happen.:rolleyes:

This is tearing me and my wife up, I can't do my deliveries and not have this stupid lady and the dog give me grief, today the vicious little dog attacked me again, I got the heck out of the way, but the lady made little effort to stop the dog, it went right to the end of it's leash, then she laughed, I stopped out of range and yelled at her, told her that the dog was dangerous, and she admitted that the dog attacks people on bicycles :mad:

Anyway, I'm looking for a solution, I'm thinking a dog whistle, or a dog ultrasound zapper thing, does anyone have experience with these items? I would rather like the whistle, but they are mostly for dog training, is that true?

I really just want something that when I see this old lady and her vicious little dog I can blow/activate and the dog will not come at me. I worry because I know that if that dog ever where to take a chunk out of my leg, I'd kill it with my bare hands, I've been bitten badly by dogs in the past, and I did just that, I really do not need this in my life, I need a solution.
I cannot avoid the dog and the lady is as dumb as a post, she has come now twice to the L shop to complain, because when the dog attacks and bites me I yell at her and tell her to control her dog, she does not admit to us, at the L shop that the dog attacks me, but it does.


Oh yeah, here is the vicious little dog.....

I could not get an action shot, as I was getting the heck out of Dodge at that moment :eek:uch:

Looks cute and cuddly in the pic, but the this dog bites!:mad:


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Jun 13, 2007
Just keep kicking it, whenever the yapping bastard (dog, not the lady) runs to you - they learn.
If it were a bigger dog, it would be scary, though

Pepper spray is pretty effective too


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May 25, 2009
Being a dog love I must say im appauled. Give it a bloody harder kick next time.... or you can borrow Ray for the day..... he hates those bloody little rats!

I would actually suggest a Super Soaker water gun from Toys R Us..... get one that can be built up to a good bit of pressure and its actually something that professional trainers recommend when dealing with dogs that bite or bark.

Another method is get a pair of leather workmans gloves and if it goes for you again let it.... then grab it by the scruff of the neck and give the little frack a good shake, then pin it to the floor. Sounds harsh but you need to rememberthat you are infact dealing with a predator that has a very strict pecking order based on who is the biggest, aggressive alpha dog in the pack.... and right now that little rat thinks he's it.

I would suggest making a "Formal" complaint before you take the more hands on approach as you can then say that you have given the police and local goverment ample warning that there is a agressive dog in the area and you were protecting yourself.


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Jan 14, 2007
Throw it a handful of dog biscuits or something...better off befriending it...
You need to go and introduce yourself to it and make friends with it.
It obviously feels threatened and probably due to having a bad owner...

Old Chinese saying....

Don't punish the dog that feeds off you.


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Mar 4, 2008
Grab the dog by the neck with both hands....
Twist and pull:eek:

Or take the dog to the basement to "play" with some of your wood working tools!

Seriously, tell the stupid owner that if it bites you it dies!


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Dec 14, 2006
Get a squirty bottle that you can stream the spray with, or a high power water pistol, half full it with water and vinegar (50/ 50) and shoot the little prick in the eyes with it. The owner if she is a fruit cake doesn't like you and is sending the vibe out to the dog. Forget about trying to win it over with treats if the owner is a nutter, her vibe will win out.Tell them it's water if anyone asks and after a couple of squirts the dog will/ should back off. If not less water more vinegar. The sight of the bottle will in future be enough to make the slipper biter back away so take it out with you from time to time. Professional dog trainers do the same thing to deter bad behavior in dogs. It's harmless to pets, sounds innocuous and is very effective. Good luck. Better if you can hit the dog in the face the first time and better if the woman doesn't see you the first few times. You obviously know where it lives so ride past slowly and be locked and loaded. Has your wife noted when and to whom she called, just to cover your back.


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Oct 15, 2010
The water gun approach sounds good to me on paper, but if it were me, 1, being that I am a man, and 2, that I would likely be on a bike, I don't think I could be bothered buying, filling, and then carrying around a water gun for a dog that is smaller than a cat....

If the dog was in the way, I would ring my bell and kick it ''scooting it out of the way of danger since the owner was not doing their job''. If it was on my shoe, I would smack it in the face or hit it in the head, hard enough to ensure that it never happened again.

I have never had a dog attack me in Japan, but for the owners that don't get them out of my way, when it is blatantly obvious that they should be, I just walk into/kick them. Most dogs are not stupid enough to let this happen, but when you have a combination of both the owner and the dog being of less than average intelligence, someone needs to step in.


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Jun 9, 2011
I've got a similar problem with a particular pair of dogs that go after my kid in my neighborhood. we haven't seen the dogs in a while because we've been avoiding their street, but last time the digs came after my kid I was about 2 seconds from calling the cops. the owners are the real problem when dogs aren't under control so things cam get tricky.

I'd ask for advice at the local koban. you're not likely to get very far but if you run in to trouble that involves the police later you'll look better for having gone to them first.

I like the pepper spray idea. let the owner know you have it and plan to use it. then, if the dog attacks you again spray it until the can is empty. don't touch the dog or the owner.



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Jan 14, 2007
My dogs escaped about 2 years ago and (had 3 at the time ) Mother bear was in heat and doesn't like the little bitch down the street so she ripped into it...

I heard the screams from the owner and rushed out to save the day.

We paid her 10man en that night as a sorry as well as vet fees...

(we had pups and had one left at the time). Down to 2 now. (Mother and father ) And he has been de-balled!!! :eek:

If they don't want the dog put down... you may want to seek compensation!!!!

The loss of that money made me more diligent.
I still don't know how they un-locked the gate but if I leave Mum out alone she has a huge outdoor cage and the gate to open before she can escape.
Father bear is still trustworthy as he's not a a bitch! He only has the main gate to unlock if he wants to escape.

They know they are not to leave the premises...but with terriers... instinct often over-rides all.

I watch them 99% of the time when they are outside...but sometimes I let them out for the toilet and breakfast in the morning and run off and have a quick shower... while they are busy, eating shitting and pissing they are not thinking about escaping...

You can't watch them all the time though and that's why my dogs spend a lot of time in the house in their sleeping cages.

You can train animals but you can never trust them. You don't know what is going to piss them off or make them turn... you have to watch them and make it safe for everybody.

People ask... 'will it bite?' I answer. 'It has teeth.'.

Tell the owner if it comes near you again you will report it to the dog pound, police and local government.
Ask the owners if it has had rabies injections and ask to see proof of the shots.

Or make friends with it!



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Dec 3, 2010
What a story this is becoming, I'm REALLY hoping it is OVER for now, but we shall see.

The son of this idiot lady came by the shop tonight, chest out saying "Holla, oh mai"..... :mad: and yes, he was drunk....He goes off on me saying that I tried to kill their dog, and demanded to see the rent flesh that I suffered, I really thought he was going to hit me... OK I "HOPED" he was going to hit me, the first one is free, but then I get to dance on your head :D. I was busy in the shop, about five customers, and this guy is going off yelling and screaming and in my face. I called my wife and tired to ignore the drunk, but I could not, I got really POed, sorry for my lovely wife but I was ready to take this guy out and show him the sidewalk, real up close and personal. One of my local area merchants, the bicycle shop owner was there, and he restrained this stupid guy, as he was trying to come over the counter at me, he was really going off, my wife arrives and I'm wanting to call the cops, BIG TIME, I have his jerk on video storming into my place of business and yelling at me etc. No dice, my lovely wife, the calm cool and collected one in the family calms the guy down and explains to him that the dog did bite me, just because it bit my MTB shoe and I had no injury does NOT mean it did not bite me, it did, and this bit about me trying to kill the dog, no way, the dog attacked me a second time and I just kicked it in self defense. He got the story from his mother and got a snoot full and then came looking to settle things, as he thought I was trying to kill his family dog. He admits that the dog bites people on bicycles, but he says it only bites the shoe, so no big deal :eek: he also admits that his old mother cannot control the dog.
He apologized and said he would talk to his mother and tell her to stop walking by our shop and if she sees me to take control of the dog, don't let it run at me. He wanted to shake hands, I wanted to kick his head in, but my wife convinced me that it would be better to shake hands, she was right.

Now comes the second idea, I will buy some doggy treats, and put them in my pocket, whenever I see this vicious little rat dog I'll throw him a treat, maybe he will not attack me any more. Not my first way of wishing to take care of the problem, but I guess I should try to learn a few things.

Wishing this would just end, it is really hard on my wife as the Monster-In-Law has taken the old lady's side against me, as per usual, and my lovely wife is caught in the middle, boy I DID not wish to shake this guy's hand, but I did, to end this and get back to real life.

Wish me luck!

Oh yeah, one more thing, guess who this guy works for.....?
Nope, not a cop, worse.......

He is a member of the GSDF..... real bunch of geniuses they have over there.....


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May 25, 2009
I took in a 3 year old male beagle who lost his home and family after the earthquake. He had a real issue with other dogs. He was either bullied or attacked although no visible scars on him.

He would would just explode off the leash and go for other dogs. 4 months later with the water pistol and treat method I no longer have to use the leash when walking him. He knows that it's not exceptable to attack other dogs and he will walk to heal and move on command to one side of the other when ever a dog is coming or we are passing so that Im always between him and the other dog.

As others have mentioned the owners are the real problem, lack of knowledge and treating the dogs as humans rather than what they are.....dogs.Yes they can be members of the family yet the very bottom of the pecking order and as soon as they see themselves as being higher thats when the problems start.


Sep 2, 2009
Seems like the old woman first did a really bad job of bringing up her son, then repeated the procedure on her dog.

What a lady...


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Nov 10, 2009
Sprinkle it with some of the Vodka Smirnof I'm sure you have in your L shop, and set the rat on fire. Results guranteed.


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Mar 29, 2010
Stu, your story reminds me of the literal implications of the dog-raising story from Starship Troopers. Dogs are great and all, but a dangerous dog is a dangerous dog. If you want to be a little nicer than the pepper spray, you can buy Bitter Apple... dogs hate it, and it's used to get them to stop chewing on things in the home. But yeah.... I wouldn't carry anything around. I suspect this is the time that both the dog and lady need to learn about ma-ai.
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