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Adam Cobain

Maximum Pace
Jul 1, 2014
Hi all,
Hope you are all well and getting some good rides in.

I want to introduce veloXchange.cc a new bike specific marketplace for Japan. I have found it quite difficult to sell bikes and bike parts on the usual systems here in Japan, so thought about building my own. I think there are others that maybe have trouble understanding and negotiating the Japanese auction websites and even understanding the website terms can be difficult.

It is brand new and far from perfect, but as the network grows and more sellers and users start using the system it should find its place. Initially, I need sellers and products to sell and promote, so if you have any bike parts laying around, register on the system and upload the products. I will be very proactive in promoting your products through the network as it grows.

Most categories are listed and if it not there, just make a note as you list the product and I can add that category. The website is primarily in English.

The system also allows products to be bought directly from the site and the funds paid out when the product arrives safely to the buyer. I think this makes it much safer to buy and sell and like eBay, ratings are attributed for good sellers and buyers.

Give it a go, it cost nothing and can help sell your products easily and makes for a nice interface to share and have potential buyers view your product.

All best and happy selling,


Adam Cobain

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