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Ride VeloViewer tiling in Japan

@Half-Fast Mike I don't intend to even try to extend my max square beyond the north slope of Mt. Akagi for that very reason. I saw that there would be too much hiking involved IOT do it, or that some tiles looked inaccessible even with hiking. I'll be lucky and satisfied if I finish what's already on my plate. Then it's on to different challenges.

Screenshot 2023-09-13 at 17.22.09.png
Lots of gravel today. Didn't get everything I had planned to do done, but NP. Saw 8 deer, one fox-like animal, one wild boar and a pheasant. Fortunately, no bears.

Anyone interested in a gravel fest, Gunma is the place to be.

Screenshot 2023-10-14 at 22.11.16.png

Here's the route. From 30-42km is the gravel.

Off to Gunma again. Nibbling away at those tiles, but enjoying the ride and scenery. Bit of a hike-a-bike this time so, once again, didn't get everything done I hoped to do. Very windy and cold up there yesterday. Should have dressed warmer. Should have learned my lesson last time. IMG_3193.jpeg IMG_3192.jpegIMG_3187.jpeg IMG_3186.jpegIMG_3185.jpegIMG_3189.jpeg IMG_3191.jpeg

The route is below, for inquiring minds.

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Love the deer!
The deer was hanging out near a viewpoint area that I suspect many people stopped at and gave food to the deer. It wasn't afraid at all and seemed disappointed I didn't offer up a treat.
Still nibbling away at Gunma tiles. Trying to clear the more difficult tiles before really short days and winter weather make them harder to get. Sunday's ride in the mountains almost all paved except for about 1km of hiking where I ended up covered with burrs and with wet shoes from a stream crossing. (But got the tile, so it was worth it.) Sprinkle of rain in the morning but the rest of the day was clear, sunny and cool. Also, managed to wear layers that helped deal with the cooler temps. Duh! Max square 45x45.

Screenshot 2023-10-30 at 7.00.59.png
@jdd That is the plan. It gets cold in them hills pretty soon, so trying to make the most of the good weather to knock off the higher altitude climbs. Not sure if I'll get the north side of Akagi done or not. Too much climbing for a one day ride (for me) and I don't feel like camping and lugging camping gear up the climbs. (Plus, it is time for bears to search for calories before retiring for the winter. I prefer not to be a nutritious snack. I know. "Wimp!")
Thought I'd take a break from the train ride up to Gunma and back but the weather was just too good to pass up. Filled in some blank spaces on my VV tile map. Not a lot of great scenery this time out. Lower elevation plus more city/suburb riding. There were a couple nice roads going up Akagi. No cars, paved, quiet. The rest...not so much. Pushed pretty hard (for me) going up the climb west of Shibukawa. I knew if I didn't catch the 3:31 I had to wait an hour for the next train. Got to Shibukawa station with 7 minutes to spare. Threw my bike in the bag. Ran down then up the steps to Track 2. Just made it! Phew.

And after finally getting my act together and dressing warmer (layering), today I was overdressed. Could have gotten away with a summer jersey I imagine.

The ride by the numbers: 66km, 1500 meters climbing, and 46x46 max square. (Sorry, I can't make those cool GIFs like HFM does.)Screenshot 2023-11-04 at 20.33.47.png

Oh....forgot to mention... with all this riding in the mountains, my weight is down to 71 kg from 77 last year this time.
Tiling from my Golden Week Nakasendo trip.

A trip to Hakone. I first rode down the old Tōkaidō from Odawara in 2010. I first rode up it in 2015. I rode up it again on Sunday. It was easier going up in May than July, but still not at all easy. I'm out of shape.



Reaching Ashinoko, the view of Fujisan was stunning. Phone camera doesn't do it justice.

After leaving the lake, a shorter but still tiring climb on r75. The diversion up a chained-off access road to NTT repeater towers to collect a tile on the hilltops granted a spectacular panorama I imagine few people ever see. It was breathtaking and not just because of the steep road.

Back on 75, and a gentler climb to the established viewpoint.

After a lovely long descent toward Yugawara, my route turned left into rindōland.

The signs were not good...

An attempt to grab a tile up a steep and slippery hiking path, wearing the wrong type of shoes, led me to fall and hurt my wrist. It's not bad, but was enough to knock the stuffing out of me. I didn't want another 25 km of rough rindō.


So four of the planned eleven tiles went uncollected this time. They will still be there another day. There is still a hole in my cluster, but it is a smaller hole.

I was put off the idea of cycling in Hakone after my heat exhaustion experience in 2015. It was good to exorcise that particular demon.

hakone south.gif
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