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Valentine's Day Short City Blast


Maximum Pace
Jan 30, 2007
Sunday 14th Feb morning ride for those who love biking :love: (but have to be home in time to make dinner :))

Meet on the Ginza side of the Imperial Palace, do a lap of the palace grounds then North through the city to Tabata and on to the Arakawa. South to the coast at Kasai Rinkai park, and follow the coast past the heliport to Daiba and back to the starting point.
(95% of this route stolen from the Half-Fast crew)

Rolling at 9am. Pace will be reasonably fast. Let me know if you're coming.
I would be in for this. Looking at the route, we should well be able to make it backby 2pm?

Sorry, I've caught a cold and will not be able to do the ride on Sunday. :eek:uch:

If you decide to follow the route yourself, yes you should make it back by 2pm. It usually takes me a bit under 3 hours to complete.

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