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Using graphics in posts and blogs


The Crank Engine
Nov 1, 2005
If you would like to add graphics, images or photos to your posts or your blog entries, we recommend to upload them to the TCC Gallery.

  • Step 1: Uploading images to the gallery

  1. Make sure you are logged into your user account.
  2. Click the "Upload Photos" link at the right side of the top menu.
  3. Choose an appropriate category for your image (e.g. Member Galleries, Unofficial Tours, Bicycle Garage, etc).
  4. Upload the image from your local harddrive.
  5. Add a title and a description in Japanese and/or English as well as keywords.
  6. Click the "Upload/Submit" button.
  7. Done.

  • Step 2: Using images in posts and blogs

  1. Locate the graphic you would like to use in the TCC Gallery.
  2. At the bottom of each image you will find the following options:
  3. If you intend to add a linked thumbnail you would click the "Linked Thumbnail" field and copy & paste* the entire code into your post or blog entry (but without the spaces used in the example below!):
    [ url=https://tokyocycle.com/gallery/showphoto.php/photo/3519 ] [ img ] https://tokyocycle.com/gallery/data/1/thumbs/RIMG0059.jpg [ /img ] [ /url ]
  4. The same procedure applies to "Linked Medium"-sized images. "Medium images" are not linked. Do not use HTML code, as HTML is not parsed for reasons of security.
  5. Et voilà.

* Copy & paste shortcuts
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