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Maximum Pace
Oct 14, 2007
Sorry if I misled anyone, as in fact I don't have useful iPhone apps (for cyclists) to share. But I would like to know of any apps that other TCC members have found useful on their rides.

I do have a Garmin GPS, but it's a bit squinty, and often more use to me after I get home. Any tips on nice GPS apps would be greatly appreciated.

Apart from that ... I'm not sure, but anything that will make a ride happier and smoother would be nice to know about.

I missed this a while back. I have tested most of the cycling related apps and there is only one, I would recommend: MotionX GPS

-It can import GPX routes
-Lots of different map types
-You can set the cache size for maps and it will save every map viewed to the cache
-You can set map areas and zoom levels to download for offline use
-It works flawlessly, even when you turn of the phone or there is no network
-It can show current speed elevation, distance...
-Route recording of all of the above
-Definition of waypoints and display of distance and direction to them

And with iOS4 it even works in the background, while you are checking mail from your lady or on the phone with the team car.
Many thanks for the MotionX info. I have it installed now, though I think there will be a learning curve to climb :(

Not an app, but a handy accessory for an iPhone (or Garmin GPS) is the Gum Pro portable battery. I got mine from eBay, as the postage was cheaper than 'real' online stores. Plenty of power!

A handy map app I found is (sorry, I can't fathom how to post a web link) is 'JAPAN MAP (itsumo NAVI)', made by ZENRIN. It's ¥1,000. It's not a GPS of any kind, but what it is good for is showing locations of nearby shops, restaurants, hospitals etc. Sorry, it's hard to describe, but it is a handy thing to have.

And finally! A cheap and well-reviewed waterproof sleeve, which (I hope) can take an iPhone in a case. It hasn't arrived yet, so I can't attest to it's quality myself.
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