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Jun 2, 2009
Good afternoon,

I am interning at a human rights organization over the summer in Tokyo and am wondering if anyone might have some suggestions on a good place to either a) rent or b) purchase an economical bike for the purpose of getting around town.

I'm not really looking to 'tour' but hope to take some longer weekend trips. As such, I'm not picky. I'm about 5'10", but for the right price would take any frame size to which I can conform. I'm a poor student, so can't afford to spend too much money- hence the post. I'm from New York City and, while there, I generally forego the subway (so expensive!) and just bike around town.

I'm hoping that some nice gent or lady can help me out here. I feel so lost and chained down to the subway!

Best regards, James :bike:
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