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Used bike for a big yin


Oct 16, 2008
Anyone got any advice on how to pick up a large framed bike or even better an old bike lying around for me, budget 50k - 100k. I am 187cm tall and 95kg.
Have been struggling to get out much on my Mountain bike, so am keen to try the roads around Tokyo at the weekends.


I am the exact same size as you. I haven't spent much time here, so I don't have any advice for you, but I am interested to hear how the experience goes for you. I'll probably be headed down that road sometime before I leave the country.

I am also a similar size - 188cm/88kg - and I`m just in the process of having an XL frame shipped over from Seattle. I did A LOT of shopping around trying to find a big frame and I can tell you what I leaned: Cannondale and Klein bring in big sizes (Y`s road had a 63cm Cannondale, for some reason; I`ve never seen a bike that big. Just last week the Shinjuku shop had a 58cm carbon Klein with 105components). Specialized brings in biggish Allez frames, up to 58cm, but not any of their high-end frames. Giant brings in no big frames, and their `biggest` is a 54, I think. The bike I really wanted, the Wilier Izoard, is sold out all over Japan. The distributer confided in me that they are getting in exactly two XL frames for all of Japan, but that they aren`t expected until the end of November, which is too late for me.
You`re in a good position two ways. First, if you call around you may find a big 07 or 08 frame at a good discount because they tend to be hard to sell (Narushima Friend has a 57cm BMC carbon bike at a reduced price at the moment, though it may not be big enough for you). Second, the 2009s are all arriving in the shops in the next few months so you`ll have the broadest selection soon. If you go to the CycleMode bike show in Chiba November 7/8/9 you can really check out what`s available and testride most of it, too. Good luck!
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