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Upgrade with Ultegra 9-speed?


Apr 27, 2008
Although my road bike is perfect for me the way it is right now, I've been thinking about making it more perfect. :)

An upgrade of deraillers would be ideal, but I would like the keep the current roadbike/moutain bike combination to get the best of both bike types-adequate speed and great hill climbing ability. Currently, I have a tiagra fd/deore rd combo and am thinking of changing it to an ultegra fd/deore xt rd combo. The problem is Shimano only sells 10-speed ultegra deraillers nowadays (the deore and my shifter are 9-speed, and I have a triple crank), and I don't want to deal with used parts or with e-bay.

So my question is: Does anyone know a shop or online store that sells the older 9-speed ultegra derailler in new condition?
You should have no trouble installing a 10 speed rear mech, all you will need to do is use the two adjuster screws on the Mech to limit the travel of the mech.
You should have no trouble installing a 10 speed rear mech, all you will need to do is use the two adjuster screws on the Mech to limit the travel of the mech.

Thanks for the reply, but somehow that seems less than ideal. Anyway, the Ultegra would be in front.

Maybe I should go with all ultegra, including shifter, or save some yen and go with all deore XT.

Why did they change speeds for the ultegra? :mad:
is this for a road bike or a MTB>???
is this for a road bike or a MTB>???

It's a road bike but a little uncommon with a cyclocross frame and fork built for touring/commuting.

Well, this will give me an excuse to go puttering around the shops in Ueno, Okachimachi, and maybe even Akihabara. :)
Are you using Road STI or MTB rapidfire shifters ? To be honest I would go with the XT rear mech, its competition level gear and is alot more durable to knocks and crashes than the Ultegra and probably better suited for a PsychoCross bike.
Thanks for the tips and advice.

I need to stick with deore in the rear to make the most of the 11-32 cassette. I have no problem with it now, but an XT version would be a step up.

The front derailler is what I really want to change. It misses the top ring once in a while, so an ultegra would be a big improvement.

I'll keep looking for that 9-speed ultegra fd. I guess it'll be a long-term quest.

You don't need a specific 9 speed rear mech. The new Shimano 10 speed mechs will work on both 9 and 10 speed cassettes. They have two adjuster screws that limit the travel for fine tuning and also adjusting for 9 speed cassettes:


You set the rear mech up first for the smallest tooth cog and then for the largest.No need to waste time or money looking for a 9 speed specific mech.
Mikata wants to use a 32 rear cog though, which AFAIK exceeds the maximum recommended cog size for Shimano road rear mechs.

Also, Mikata, you mentioned possibly using all Deore, but I don't think you can use mountain front mechs with STI levers (different throw distance.) Rear mechs, as James said, are fully compatible either way, assuming you're within cog and chain wrap capacity limits, as mentioned above.

Thanks for all the info, guys. I really appreciate it. :)

My bike is set up to climb hills easily, so I need a Deore in the rear to use the big cog. And I plan on keeping the Tiagra sti shifters cause they have these little dials that tell me what gear I'm supposed to be in, although sometimes I'm not in that gear. :(

Looks like I'm in for a long search for what I want, or maybe I'll just adjust the front derailer. :warau:
Rapid fire shifter have cog gauges on and you can also purchase a Dura Ace shift indicator for STI shifters without it.

There are plenty of options out there for what you want to do.
Tiagra works fine!

After all the advice I've gotten, I've discovered that the problem wasn't the derailleur, it was me. :eek: I tended to ease off on pedaling too much - almost to nothing - when shifting. Tiagra works fine as long as I'm pedaling somewhat. Sorry for the bad rap, Shimano!

BTW, I learned that the new ultegra series does not specify which speed type it's suited for, so probably both 9 and 10 speed. But, I think you need a 10 speed chain for the narrower cage. (Maybe I'll still switch someday, but now it's not urgent. :warau:)
I also wanted to setup my Giant "hybrid" or "cross" or whatever with road components. It was setup as a 3x8 with a mishmash of parts from the bin. I learned my lesson now. I ended up doing nothing to it, saved my yens and got a decent road bike instead with full 105 components.

FWIW Ultegra has 3 series 6700, 6600 and 6500. 6500 are the 9-speed specific components.

The 10-speed chain might be too narrow or might have too much slack (need to cut it). Try to get CN-HG93 or ask your LBS for a compatible chain.
Not quite sure if the new 6700 rear derailleur will do the job. In a Taiwan forum many people want to use the MTB cassettes will go and get the 6500 series. 6500 have a long and short rear derailleur version, the long leg one help do the job.

I am using the 6500 series too, it is around 4 years (3 years?) and still doing a great job.
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