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XF2.2 Upgrade to XF2.2

We have just upgraded to the latest version of the forum software and the gallery add-on. As usual, please report any errors and inconsistencies right here. Thank you!
Dear Valued members,

We have just upgraded to the latest version of the forum software. If you encounter any errors or glitches, please get in touch with us by replying to this thread.

Thank you! :)
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Since people may notice this post, I'll add that one thing I stumbled across is that you can use number keys (alone) for a little bit of site navigation.

The black bar at the top has five items--forums, classifieds, media, members, and strava. If you're happen to be viewing something in forums, hit a 2, 3, or 4 and it will create a drop down from that heading. Hitting 5 will take you direct to the TCC strava page.

If you're within classifieds, hit 1, and there'll be a drop down with some options for the various forums.

This may be old news to some folks, but I only recently noticed this. While it would be nice to navigate further like this (eg, to the items that drop down under forums), I haven't figured that out yet. (So if anyone knows...?)

Edit: after hitting a number to produce the dropdowns, down/up arrow keys move you to the various choices. Then hit return to go there.
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