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Update from the Blue Monkey Lodge & Lounge : Gunma

Adam Cobain

Maximum Pace
Jul 1, 2014
While the winter snow has been falling and the bikes have been sidelined for a bit, the Blue Monkey Lodge & Lounge has not been idle. We have been working on some great concepts for 2015 and look forward to developing some innovative products to share with the public through our new collaboration with BMC in Japan. Stay posted for more on that soon .
On the other side of the hemisphere, we have been working on the 2015 kit with the fantastic crew at Babici in Sydney. They have done a great job in capturing the feel of Japan with clean fresh colours, please check them out for some of the best kit around or order our very unique kit, we are taking pre-orders now and it should be ready by late March. All in all, we are extremely excited to develop the lodge further into 2015, add to our cycling programs and share in the wonderful hospitality, riding and culture that Japan offers. See you here soon:)


Also, don't forget the April fun that will be The Monkey's Dozen. http://www.bmonkeylodge.com/#!the-monkeys-dozen/c83r. 116km of stem biting awesomeness. More on that next week.

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