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Maximum Pace
Oct 2, 2009
By no way a product endorsement, but I just got a nice present from a bike polo buddy coming back from a tournament in Taiwan. Turns out one of the players there was the boss of a parts manufacturing company Freeparable design. He presented a couple of innovative bottle mounts, one of them which found its way to me. I think I will use this for touring and in the summer a lot.

Two benefits compared to usual bottle cages:
1. Secures its load with an adjustable velcro strap. That means you can put a bike bottle, pet bottles (up to 1.5l!) or your rinko bag safely in there.
2. Uses a fastening mechanism with two small plastic rings attached to the bottle mount holes. The mount itself is completely detachable.

I attached some pictures too. Man, touring next year is going to be great, can't wait for it to warm up enough to be able to sleep outside again...
I haven't looked into that, but their distributor here is Kuwahara. Probably might take them a while, I think the product is fairly new. Maybe online shopping?
Nothing really revolutionary about the design and wire cages have been pet. bottle freindly for years. (Tip: put the bottle in upside down)

My biggest concern however is the cage is plastic which when exposed to harsh conditions and constant use will become brittle or break.

Now if you want to see a revolutionary bottle cage.... well you get rid of the cage :eek:



Although the design does make all your old bottles obsolete.
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