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Under 12 hour tour from Osaka


Feb 17, 2011
Last weekend I did an under 12 hour camping tour from Osaka last weekend to Oya Alps Land in Inagawa, Hyogo. My goal was MT. Oya which has free camping on the summit. I left my house at 1:30 and took route 176 to Ikeda.. once I got to Kawanishinoseguchi Station I picked up route 12. Route 12 basically follows the Inagawa River, it is rather nice once you get to Kawanishi. At the Sugio /route 507 intersection I took a left and followed the signs for Oya Alps. The climb to Oya Alps had some nice views and only two cars passed me. I was expecting a deserted quiet summit, but to my surprise the summit was full of campers. I had to pitch my tent on an angle... this didn't help my sleep. The night sky was full of stars which you never get to see in downtown Osaka. There is also public observatory for star viewing. Woke up about 4 am and got rolling down the mountain at before 5:00 am. On the way back to Osaka.. it is mostly downhill which is nice. Got back to my condo at 8:30 with my wife still in bed.

It was great fun, I plan on doing this again soon. Does anyone know of under 12 hour tours from Osaka with a nice camping spot?

BTW.. this would also make a nice 90-100 KM out and back fast ride.. if you don't like camping.


Speeding Up
Oct 15, 2010
Sounds nice. I used to live in Kawanishinoseguchi, and often went running along the Inagawa River. Nice area. Wasn't interested in cycling at the time and can not recommend any 12 hour tours though...
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