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Sep 1, 2016
Hey all,

There is this unused, and unclaimed bicycle in front of my apartment, been there untouched for two months. I also put a post it note asking if it belongs to anyone and had my apartment number written on it and for more than two weeks now, no answer. There is no registration sticker on it either. The chain is completely rusted and the breaks are off, the tyre looks punctured.

Can I register this bike on my name and claim it? If this is indeed possible, is there any links or guide I can refer to understand the procedure for it.

Thanks & Regards
My two cents: In Japan, if it's not yours leave it be, despite how much of a waste it may be.
@appleofedin A drunkard (or the like) stole Darth Vader (my heavy commuter bike that I've ridden for 7 years to date in Japan) from outside my joint a week ago, and most likely rode it near to his/her house and just left it there. Not that I would know, as it's still an unknown entity to me.

This happens in Japan, and the bike you mentioned may have had the same fate.
Just leave it where it is.
If you take it to a cop shop for rego, you'll most likely become the chief suspect in the crime.
Not worth the bother.
You take it you'll end up in the cop shop. Irrelevant of the state it is in. Leave it alone.
You need the current owner's written permission and stamp on a joutoshōmei form. Without that, there's sadly no way to make it legally yours.

Here's the form http://www.bouhan-net.com/dl/joutoshoumei.pdf

Unfortunately the form also requires details of the existing registration, which you say it hasn't got. Double-stumped...
So you will need a new chain new tubes and perhaps tyres and some tools to enable you to do the repairs and then you will have a bike that you cant prove you own, chances are high that you will be stopped by a boy in blue at some stage and then your day will get incredibly long. Just buy a bike off Criagslist for a few thousand yen and ride relaxed in the knowledge that you are legit. http://tokyo.craigslist.jp/search/bia?lang=en&cc=us
Thanks for the reply guys, I will take your advice then. There are three awesome bikes, just rusting away. It's sad to see that, but I get all your point.
I do own a bike, thought of adding this if there was an option.

@Heath that was sad what happened to your bike.

@appleofedin Even though my old mate Darthie is worth nothing, I miss the heavy black beast that he was. We did some hard commuting together under load over the 7 years. Sadly missed, but never forgotten. :cry:
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