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Uenohara loop - Saturday, 7th


Speeding Up
Jul 12, 2006
Sunday I am planning a gentle ride on the flats.

Right. April fools.

Actually I am planning to start at Uenohara and go over Dawa Pass, Tsuru Pass, Matsuhime Pass and Ootoge pass then down to Otsuki. Legs and daylight willing, we can then loop back to Uenohara using the old Koshu-kaido post road over Inume Pass.

I will get to Uenohara at 10:04, so lets plan to meet at just past 10:00 and be rolling by 10:20 or so.

Anyone interested? Big painful hills! Stupid plan! Who can say no?
Would love to but...

Hey Aaron,
I'd love to join you this weekend, but I'm meeting the girlfriend's parents on Sunday.
If you can hold off until the following week (Sat.7th, or Sun.8th), I'll definitely be there!
OR.... If you want to do it two weeks in a row:D
Later! T
Date Change

Turns out I have to baby-sit a system change at 10:00am Sunday morning.

Let's reschedule for Sunday April 8.
I'm in !

Hey Aaron,
I'd love to do this course!
How about Sean, Philip & Christoph joining us as well - it's a great route on pretty cool roads!
Thomas, AlanW: I know Sundays are bad for you, but if you can make it too...:bike:
Rubber down! T

Not looking good for this ride; I remember I commited to going to Chiba with the family that weekend. Will post again when I figure out my schedule.
3 (4?) BIG climbs in one day!

I'm still on to do this ride!
It will be my last training run before Kusatsu the following week.
So far, we've had it locked for the 8th, but depending on everyone's schedule, I suppose we could change it to Sat. the 7th.

>Aaron: Let us know how that Chiba family weekend schedule is working out!
>Thomas: If it's the Saturday, can you make it?
>Alan: I'm pretty sure you know these mountain roads as well. Let us know your availability.
>Cinelli: Christoph, if your free that weekend, by all means come along.
>Sean: Even if Aaron can't make it, are you up for it, buddy?
>Philip: You've gotta come, mate!
>Trad: Todor, if you're not busy...
>Terry: How are things looking for you?
>Triroo: Jeff, are you up for another one in the hills? It's only 78km (possibly 110km).
>Chazzer: Hey Charles: I reckon you might like this one too.
>Taro: 神林さん、草津のいいトレーニングになるよ!是非参加してください。

Anyone else I've forgotten, Sorry! But if you think you're up for the challenge - it's not for the squeamish - please send a post to let us know if you can come!
Anyway, here's the map:

Uenohara to Tsuru-toge - 870m - (Aaron, I still can't find "Dawa" on the map) via routes 33 & 18.
From Tsuru-toge, down to Kosuge-mura, then turn left onto Rte.139 and climb up to Matsuhime-toge - 1,250m.
After Matsuhime, it comes down again to a small park where we'll turn right to go up the last climb - Oo-toge - 1,560m. This is not a nice road; There are rocks, dirt, branches scattered across the road in many places, but at climbing speed, apparently they're easy to get around.
From the top of Oo-toge, it's plain sailing 20km down to Otsuki station.
OR, we could all go back to Uenohara via Rte.35 - The road that Christoph voted as one of his favorites. It goes over Hinazuru-toge, at 660m.
That will make a complete loop of 4 major climbs over 110km.
Here's the "loop" map:

Waiting to hear from everyone.
Rubber Down! T
5,000 meters of climbing . . .

Thanks for championing this one Travis.

Aaron put together a great course (especially for those with a masochistic bent). Count me in. I have only held back because I have not confirmed my schedule. At present I can be flexible (Saturday or Sunday, come wind, rain or shine :D ).

This will be my last big ride before my next triathlon in Myakojima. Therefore, I will ride out from Tokyo. I guess this will make it a 250KM day (with a lot climbing). Do or die!



Gonna be in the UK :mad:

Sorry Travis/Thomas/Philip,
Busy the weekend of 7th/8th (my little sis is visiting from Scotland).

Likely away the next weekend too on business.

Have a good one,
That makes it 3 riders.

Don't count me out yet. It's still a definite maybe for me! If I can go, either Sat or Sun will be OK. FYI, Sean is in Australia but will be back by then. I will commit to a definite maybe for him too. :bike:
Philip's preference . . .


I'm happy to wait for others before you set the schedule, but for the record my preference is for Saturday.



PS - Aaron, what is a "definite maybe"? :D
:( :(
at the moment it looks like i have go to germany once again for some meetings in the week after easter.... sh..t
hope you have to reschedule it once more :)
i will let you know when it´s finally decided.

see you
Saturday, it is!

Thanks for all your replies!
Of the three of us going so far, it looks like the vote is unanimous for Saturday, the 7th.
Hence, I've changed the thread title accordingly.

We're still waiting for a few more people to reply, as well as the "definite maybes":D
The more, the merrier! T

P.S. I should see most of you this Saturday for the "Tour de la Pink!". Ciao!
Five (Six?)!

Looks like we're on for Saturday!

Travis (me)
Sean (definite maybe?)

It's a 110km loop over 4 big climbs - Oo-toge being the highest and hardest.
Philip and Thomas have both said that they want to ride out there and back again.
I have no opinion about that..... except to say... "I'm catching the train!"
Even if the whole course were flat, you're looking at a 270km round trip.
Me personally, I just want to do them hills, and then jump on the train back home.

For the masochists who want to do the whole trip (no rinko-fukuro), you should post your ideas for where to meet each other along the way!
>Terry: Aaron & I will definitely be taking the train; but if you want to ride out with Thomas & Philip, let them know, OK!
Whichever way, I'll see you all at Uenohara station at 10:00am!
Rubber down! Travis
Where in Uenohara are you starting? I am planning on riding from yokota base and meeting you there. I have only ridden through the town twice so I'm not familiar with it.

Paul Hosmanek
Where to meet!

For the guys coming by bike:

Philip & Thomas: The best way for you two would be to take the same route as the "Okutama 2" ride. Follow Rte.20 out about 12km past Kannana-dori (Philip's meeting place) to Chofu, and turn left onto Rte.19. That will get you to the Tamagawa cycling road in about 2km - Be careful: If you turn left too early, you'll be too far from the river, and all those roads double-back in the wrong direction.
Once on the river, you'll have about 13km to "Hino-bashi (日野橋)" - the Rte.20 bridge that crosses the river and out (9km) to Hachioji and finally Uenohara (another 25km).
To get there on time, Thomas, you'll need to leave no later than 6:30, and meet Philip at the same corner as last time, at 7:15 - from there, I think it's about 60km - 3 hours riding time.

To "Specbiker" Paul, nice to meet you - Coming from Fussa, if you know the quickest way to Hachioji (Rte.16, I think), just turn right onto Rte.20 and follow it out (25km - from Hachioji) to Uenohara.

Once you've all ridden the 25km out of Hachioji, there's no need for you to come down to the station - you'll just have to ride back up again - But keep an eye out for the "Route 35 - Uenohara station" turn-off sign! Just on that corner, on the left (still on Route 20), is a "Daily Yamazaki" convenience store - That "conbini" is the meeting place!
Aaron, myself, & possibly Terry and Sean will ride up from the station and meet you all there at around 10:30.
Rubber down! Travis
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