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Udderly Smooth in Japan??


Sep 2, 2009
Today I met a friend from US and he show me the Udderly smooth and I find that is quite good: powerful enough. :D

However do you think I can get one in Japan?

(PS: for those who do not know what that is, Udderly smooth is a lotion which originally developed for daily cows :warau:)
I don't know about availability udder cream in Japan, but another cheap alternate is Noxzema cream
Bag Balm rocks! But can't get it here - though I have some coming in my next care package. You can get high quality pure lanolin in Japan, though - especially the NZ variety is very nice. Another option if you're allergic to lanolin products is pure shea butter. You can get this at Tokyu hands - but its way pricey . Better to order bulk online from U.S. Bag Balm does contain a mild antiseptic - while Udderly does not.

You can also make your own pretty easily:

Shea butter, Lanolin (optional) , very very small amount of Tea Tree Oil, Glycerin, bees wax, mineral oil (I substitute almond, olive or soy).

If you take this and add in some Capsicum Oleoresin, Menthol and other aromatics - you can cook up some pretty good embrocation as well. Just make sure you mark what is what - you sure don't want to confuse them! (Just believe me on this)
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