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UCI 2.2 Tour of Cameroon (GP Chantel Biyu)


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May 25, 2009
Well some great news, I got selected for the squad that will be racing in the UCI 2.2 Grand Prix Chantal Biyu, 5 day stage race that is part of the UCI Africa Tour.

Will Fly out to Paris on the 5th to meet up with the rest of the continetal squad and then from there we will fly out with the other teams to Cameroon.

The stages are :
- 06/10 : Prologue
- 07/10 : Monatélé - Mbalmayo 120 km
- 08/10 : Yaoundé - Ebolowa 160 km
- 09/10 : Ebolowa - Zotélé 100 km + Zotélé - Meyomessala 130 km
- 10/10 : Sangmelima - Yaoundé 170 km

Although im still waiting to see if they will give me the time off work!
Its Itoigawa and a little bit more, I get to rest between 100km sections :D
OK UCI races are classified as following:

The first number dictates the type of race: '1' for a single-day race, and '2' for a multi-day (stage) race.

The number following the decimal point states the level. So a 2.1 dictates that it is a multi-day stage race with a level 1 category, categories are as follows:

  • JO Olympic Games (Jeux Olympiques)
  • CM World Championships (Championnat Mondial)
  • PT ProTour
  • GT Grand Tour
  • CDM World Cup (Coupe du Monde)
  • HC Hors Categorie (Beyond Category)
  • CN National Championships (Championnats Nationaux)
  • CC Continental Championships (Championnats Continentaux)
  • CMM World Masters Championships (Championnats du Monde Masters)
  • 1 Category 1
  • 2 Category 2
  • 3 Category 3

Category rankings for mens goes to 6 other numbers are accociated to youth and womens races.

So the GP Chantal Biyu is a multi-day stage race at an UCI level 2 category. The higher the Cat rating (1-6,) the higher the world ranking points awarded to riders.

The Japan cup is a 1.1, 1 day event category 1 race, while the Tour of Hokkaido and Tour of Japan are 2.2 races also.

So basically Im playing with the big boys now :D
James, what an opportunity mate! An international race in Cameroon of all places. It's gonna be a blast:D
COOL! Now that's exotic! The race looks tough so be sure to rest up well before you go. As for work, don't take no for an answer! Live the dream James!



Andy, work gave me the time off! Not only that but it wasn't done reluctantly and with a pat on the back! :D
OK guys...... need to get creative... got to get myself to Paris for the plane out to Cameroon that is put on by the Cameroonian goverment.

Due to the lateness of info from the UCI in Africa I've only just found out the date and time of that flight so all cheap tickets to Paris have gone.

So what Im asking is this, Does anyone know how I can get a cheap ticket to France arriving on the 4th of October and leaves any date after the 12th.

Im desperate but can't justify spending137,000 on the cheapest price I have been quoted. (I spent all day looking today and although 99% of websites say they have flights at 62,000 JPY they are all gone)
I got the best rates to the UK in the summer from expedia (using Finnair) but I just checked and they are quoting higher prices than what you have.

I used to use No-1 travel but I'm sure you've checked there.


Yeah No.1 was the guys that gave me the best quotes.
If there is no chance to find a cheaper flight to Paris, you might try going to another European location to which you can get a cheaper flight from Japan (most likely Frankfurt or London) and using an European budget airline to get from there to Paris.
Of course that is impractical, but it might save you some yen.
(I spent all day looking today and although 99% of websites say they have flights at 62,000 JPY they are all gone)
I can't help, but you have my sympathy. I got suckered like this going to SFO in July. They really shouldn't be allowed to advertise prices/tickets they cannot sell you/us.

I think I remember reading that the fledgling Japan Consumer Protection Agency was shut down (leaving both staff out of work...)

--HF Mike--
Those rates are great till you actually call them up to get a ticket and all of a sudden they have all sold out.

If you could give it a push and get anything around 80-90,000 then Im gone!
Those seats do exist but obviously they only have a few of them.

The other thing you can do is ask for "cancel machi" on cheaper tickets and hope someone cancels their flight. While waiting for someone to give up a flight you can still prebook another flight to make sure you don't miss out altogether.

I did this to go to NZ and also Aus and it worked out well in the end both times.


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