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Jul 26, 2008
I was cleaning up a pile of stuff yesterday and (re-)discovered a picture that I'd saved from the local newspaper. They have a heli and there are shots like this every now and then. Sorry to leave this so big, but I think a few folks might want it that way. Drag it to your desktop and open it as a jpeg.

This is Uchinada, looking north. This shot is bisected by the water, and tho it's hard to tell, the center (running south-north) is quite a bit higher than the sides. Left to right is the beach, the 能登有料線 (toll gate is visible), the large buildings are the medical school, above the med school left is a large windmill (an easy landmark). Just above-next to that is the velodrome where Gunnar has raced. Moving right is Sunset Bridge (two big white supports at each end, another landmark, w/flashing lights at night).

Further right is another low bridge. I'm guessing, but sunset bridge is probably 100m or so above the water, while this second one is down just above the water. If you approach Sunset bridge from the right, from that low bridge, it is a short but very hard climb up to it.

Rightmost and north of the water is where the road racing takes place.

Cross Sunset bridge and go straight north up towards the peninsula. (also, cross and turn left, to below the windmill and then go right) Heading south towards (coastal) Kanazawa, next to the school the main road is obvious, but left of that there are two others more cycle-friendly.

One of these 'starts' in the lower left corner of the pic, goes up to the water, where you can then go right to the bridge. I think this is the best way thru Uchinada (at least partway thru town). The other road is just right of the rectangular block of trees that separates two housing areas.


I chopped most of the foreground showing much more of the town, if anyone wants the full version, or a higher res version of this, PM me.
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