Ride Two odd rides

Cory M.

Maximum Pace
Will be doing a couple odd rides this weekend that I thought I would post in the long shot chance that anyone wants to join:

Tokyo to Chiba
Leaving around noon
Edogawa to Tonegawa
Only going one way ending up in Katsutadai at the in-laws
120k or so

Azabu to hills and back to Kita Senju
Leaving around 1:00
Tamagawa to Chichibu then over to Arakawa and home
I assume 5-6 hrs and obviously some of that will require decent lights

Drop me a line if you're keen!
I keep a solid 30kph avg on the flats, not so hot on the hills.


Far beyond the black horizon
Oct 9, 2015
RideWithGPS mate. Get on it.

Need a map really, for Sunday. Want to see where to go and work out if it is doable from my place, etc.

Give RideWithGPS a go. Well easy and you can find mad new places to ride, or copy ideas from other people who have planned rides already. You can then copy the route to your Garmin or phone app and get it ridden.