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Two Boxes of Old Steel Parts - Free


Feb 17, 2009
Hi all

Apologies if this should have gone in the classifieds forum.

I've got two medium-sized boxes of old steel bike parts sitting in my garage...mostly from old 10-speed steel bikes...various Shimano/SR cranks, 4/5 chainwheels, an old saddle, an old campy front derailler, a Sachs Huret front derailler, some drop handlebars (SR Champion, plus a few others), Shinamo/Weinmann caliper brakes, brake levers....etc. It's the detritus I've collected after a few years of buying old bikes.

The parts are in varied condition...none of them great. I haven't cleaned any of them and a few bits probably aren't usable anymore. But I would say 90% of the parts could be put to some use.

Anyway, I'm looking to give it all away....for free to anyone who wants to come and pick it up. The catch is you have to take all of it - no rummaging around to pick out what you want.

I'm in Minowa, near Ueno.

The offer is open until the next time I see the old guy with the push-cart who collects metal bits and bobs around here.

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