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TV drama + Edo river + Uta no Oniisan


Maximum Pace
Jan 14, 2007
March 13th our young S class rider who came 2nd in Saiko last Nov will be on this popular TV drama riding on the Edo river just near Matsudo...
I don't know if he is on it for a few seconds or a lot but I'll be watching anyway as my kids watch this show all the time. It was just shot yesterday but the whole thing took all day....

Put some picks and more info on my blog.

If you happen to have the TV on, check it out....

# Broadcast network: TV Asahi
# Air time: Friday 23:15

He may only be on for a few seconds... but I'll be watching anyway...
This guy is the leading rider in our A team at Tsukuba and could become a pro.


Right at the end..............
A microscopic blimp on the top left of the screen.... :D
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