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Training Ride Tuesday Morning Tama Training Thread

Ok... @Sven - do you think you might appear? If not, I might stay more local again and just do some local repeats in Ebisu.
I'm sorry @wexford nowdays it's a bit too early for me so i can't join this week and might following weeks 🙏🏼.
Enjoy your ride tomorrow..
I've decided to bail on myself now also as well. I'd be scared stiff riding in the dark all by myself :eek: I'll get a bit more sleep and hit the trainer as the bikes still on it anyway 😅
I see that sunrise is 6:33am tomorrow morning. Pondering out loud regarding tomorrows ride. My eyes don't like the darkness that much. How the is group dedication going? On the plus side it doesn't seem that cold tomorrow. I guess away from the river it is not that dark perhaps? Almost talked myself into it...
I'm around for Tuesday tomorrow :tup Maybe pick a route without too many high speed turns in the dark?
Hi @sean-e and @thooms. Let's do it a little different tomorrow.

@sean-e - let's meet at the usual spot at 05:30.

@thooms - this is your spot - Just off of route 9. bottom of a nice hill. Can't remember how lit up it is, but anyway...

Sean and I will do laps of this repeatedly. We'll probably arrive around 05:45 or so I guess. Not sure. Then we will do laps. Just text the thread if you can make it. Should be around 8 mins a lap. Can't remember how long it takes exactly. Its a fun one.

See you all there!
Baaaah I have to out of town for work today, can't come out to play this morning :(

Thanks for the invite, but will have to leave you guys to it. This looks very entertaining!

Maybe next week? Have fun and stay safe!
Got hit by about 10 seconds of isolated rain on the way here. Lol. Not wet though and quite pleasant if a little dark out.
Nice ride this morning. After missing all of November, was starting to forget about Tuesdays!

Thanks for the ride this morning @sean-e. I know you enjoyed all the repeats though. Not sure if that is the best way to start my recovery week though. I best get a better handle on it for the rest of the week.
Is this happening tomorrow morning? And is there parking near the meet point? I'll be coming from a little ways out.
Hey @kruucks , I would like to restart this now that it's not quite as cold or dark, but sadly I am also on the injury boat, so won't make it this week. Did too many jumping lunges late last week and the knee wasn't feeling great on Saturday, so I'm taking a few days off just in case!

But, seems to be mostly on the mend so I might post a ride for this weekend... will see in a few days what the weather looks like.
No worries! This is normally too far away for me to make before work, but I have a rare Tuesday off tomorrow so I figured I'd check in. Next time!
The survivors of the Tsukuba expedition did express some interest before dozing off on the train back, so: I plan on hitting the hills this Tuesday (17th), usual meeting spots and time.

From the training thread, it sounds like @wexford has recovered somewhat from his injury...? Will all those push-ups pay off on the bike? Only one way to find out... ;)
Woo! Really looking forward to these starting again!

I should be able to do it tomorrow, but Thursday might be better for me... (and it still begins with a T). Will confirm later today :)

Edit: I won't be able to make it tomorrow. Any other day is fine for me.
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