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Training Ride Tuesday Morning Tama Training Thread


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Oct 2, 2012
Starting this thread for those living in West Tokyo and interested in doing some early morning pre-work training in the Tama hills (in Kanagawa just across the river) on Tuesdays. I'll be posting and riding regularly, so should @wexford when he gets the chance, and so should anyone else looking for a bit of a jump-start to beat the post-Monday, pre-Wednesday, Tuesday morning blues.

See the end of this thread for updates.

We meet Tuesdays at 5:30 under the bridge here, across the river from Futako-Tamagawa station, and finish in the same place by 7:15. Rides hold 30+ kmph on the flat, and hit the hills hard. If you are new to the group, feel free to draft others on the flats to conserve energy for the hills. Climbs will be WATT (wait at the top) within reason, considering most of us have families and money-making ventures to take care of. Routes do vary week-to-week to keep the climbs fresh and the views interesting. Example are:

Easygoing river hammer route
Yomiuri Land repeats optional route
Sick in the mouth route
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I live out west too, can you post some more details please. Time, routes etc.
It depends on who is available, but meeting somewhere along the Tama river from around 5:30 or later, or meeting along the way in Kanagawa at a later time. Routes will be in this kind of area, but can also be a bit further west. Whereabouts do you live and how much time do you have?
I live in Hino-shi and I start work late Tue-Fri so one of these days would be best for an early morning pre-work ride. From the route you posted I guess you start from Setagaya and then make your way out to Tama, I could meet you here: https://goo.gl/maps/YCqha at the Setagaya Dori Bridge. What's your route for tomorrow morning?
I'm thinking of riding along the river a bit first to here, then crossing over and doing some hills after. Is meeting there okay? 6:30?
Sure that sounds okay, I'll see you tomorrow at 6:30. Have you got a rough route worked out?
Not for this week but what about Futako Tamagawa as a meeting point?

Definitely up for this in future!
Sure that sounds okay, I'll see you tomorrow at 6:30. Have you got a rough route worked out?

Pretty much. I know the hilly parts fairly well so let's see how we feel. See you then! (North side of river)

Not for this week but what about Futako Tamagawa as a meeting point?

That works well. @wexford and I use that as a meeting point in the early morning too. Usually across the river from Futako Tamagawa, just next to the bridge. We do things like this.
Dom keep me posted about that! Actually there is also a night training around this area each Wednesday night from 8:30!
Met up with @Conrad for a nice ride through some hills and countryside off the Onekan road this morning. The Cervelo Soloist build he did looks even better in person. ps, see you on Strava!
@GrantT , thanks for organising the ride, some really nice scenery and some quiet back roads I hadn't been down before. Let's catch up again soon.
i live near in futako..i can do some early spin..send some meet place & routes thanks
Provisionally, what about meeting on Tuesday next week at 5:30 am at the bridge opposite Futako-Tamagawa station. From there we'll do about an hour and a half in the Tama hills. Everyone must turn up watered, fed and ready to ride, and I'll plan route that will get everyone's lungs exploding nicely.

(Also, I'll be doing a ride Friday morning if anyone is interested.)
This thread is kind kicking off nicely! Good to see! Wish I could join but a bit far for the pre work rides!
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opposite side means near the giant store?
i am free on weekdays i think i can join you next week :)
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