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Tuesday holiday ride

I'll join.
(never been on the south side of Takao st. though, I hope it won't be a problem to meet)
There's a supermarket you have to go past, and the coin lockers are up a set of stairs... but I think (correct me if I'm wrong Alan) we'll be riding past the combini on the corner on the north side where we normally meet.
This is the same ride you and I did on 13th September.
We can meet you at the Family Mart on the North side of the station, as you're biking out.
See you there,
Ah, I wish I could join you, but I only have time for a quick morning blast. I'll probably do my 60km out-and-back ride along the One-kan, TT-ing on the long stretches between lights.

Have fun!

Terribly sorry, guys!!!
I woke up at 7.30 to the alarm as planned, but when I closed my eyes for the second time I couldn't resist the temptation... and woke up an hour later :(

Gonna go for a ride now... "peloton is at 40 mins." :warau:
Hmm, from what Alan was saying when he called you, sounds like you just crawled out of bed! Very tempting on chilly mornings like today. Although it turned out to be a nice day and a good ride, although it never really warmed up (snow on the side of the road in places.) Brrr!
Nice ride today with Clay and Naomi-san. Shame you missed it Sergey; hope you got out on the bike later.
What a change from the weekend! It really felt like the first Winter ride, from stepping out of the warm, comfy train to the chilly platform at Takao station, to seeing snow covering the tables and chairs at the Wadatoge summit cafe, to the "bracing" cold air that we zoomed through on each of the descents. About halfway round I was daydreaming of giant bowls of hot soup and wondering if we should have gone to an onsen instead :)
Although it was a public holiday, the roads we chose were very quiet and we made good progress round the loop; our first conbini stop was at Sagamiko, already over the 100 km mark. We easily made it back to the station in daylight.
Photos in the gallery.
Sounds like a fun ride. I hope I can join you guys some time soon.

I ventured with MOB and another fellow PE cyclist (Jerome) to a hitherto unknown pass called Nijumagari Toge (and literally, approaching it from the north, one would need to turn twenty times at least to reach it). Very nice place just above Yamanakako. But also very, very cold. Only five degrees on the descent, and traces of snow all over the road (not just on the side). Here is the GPS track, in case someone else wants to try it. There is a stretch of 2-3km of gravel in the lower part of the valley on descent (towards the north), but otherwise all asphalt and relatively clean (except for autumn leaves and snow).

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