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TT around Imperial palace


Jan 29, 2007
I was just wondering what would be the fastest lap anyone has done around the Imperial Palace???

Non drafting of course :cool:

I'll try and do one this week and post soon.

Come on Phil, Cinelli, anyone. Who's up for a challlenge??

Post you times here.

15 min 48 sec . . .

Running that is :)

Just packed my bike up for a triathlon in Myakojima so I will have to wait until afterwards to meet your challenge. What is the record time??? I presume I get an age group handicap!!!

How about the Ooifuto circuit? I read on your blog you were lapping at 38KPH plus. Wait till you get that Cervello :cool:


Result 1

Well I did it. decided to punch a lap around the palace at the end of my ride this morning.

Distance: 5:106km
Time: 8:15sec
av sp: 36kph
av hr: 156bpm

Condtions were okay. There was slight NW blowing and I only had to contend with 3 red lights. That was pretty much as hard as I could go for the fitness I have at the moment.

My goal is to break 7:30sec and av over 40kph someday. :bike:

The challenge has been issued. I now call on all riders to better my time.:p :p :p

I'm sure sure why the link doesn't work. I can open it up okay from my favourites but it won't work from this site.


I have edited the link in your first post. :)
I'm hitting just under 11min - thats on fixed gear (42x14) the downhill and the lights are killing me.
My fastest recorded time is 17:40 at Kokyo
My fastest single lap at Oi Futo is 13:20 for 9.2k
My fastest 10k at Oi Futo is 14:27
My fastest 10 laps at Meiji Gaien Oval road is 19:28 for 13.5k
I use a standard bike
OKOKOK You drug it out of me. 20 first run but that was on a busy Sunday about 4 PM and we dawdled a bit. 12 min after dark when the traffic thinned down and I tried harder. There are no lights to contend with on the sidewalk.
Do I get DQ'ed for running it on the sidewalk ? I checked the nice satellite map and was running the right route. THANKS for posting the link BTW very useful.
I think the time to GO would be Midnight but I gotta be on da train before that.
I was running the current Imperial Palace in Tokyo, not the old one in Kokyo. Have not yet been to Kokyo I hear it's pretty wonderful. Kokyo is a beautiful city and one of the old capitols of Japan ? Also is a area of Tokyo ? Where bicycle Paradise is ? One of my very favorite bike shops. Hope to put my bike on a Shiriken and go to Kokyo maybe when the cherries blossom. DOMO TODO

I'm sorry
7:40 at (Imperial Palace)
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