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Tsukuba 8 hour team marathon.


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Jan 14, 2007
Tsukuba 8 hour race May 3rd home page

I've made myself available to our team for this day which means if I do the Tohoku ride I'll only go as far as Sendai.

Our club will be entering as many as 10 teams ( 3, 4 or 5 riders per team).
If anybody wants to join in let me know.

It's not cheap but it's a good race and you get to see about 800 bikes sitting around.... About 200 on the track at any one time. We usually have the largest contingent of riders. 2 or 3 large tents with food, drink and chat....

You ride for as long as you like for as fast as you can and keep changing with team mates for a full 8 hours. We usually try for 30 minute shifts. 20 if you are finding it hard to mainatin a fast pace.

I try and average 40kph but end up at about 38kph. If you can stay on the main pack they are going along at about 45kph. The first sider tries to stay on this pack for as long as they can. If they can stay on there for 2 hours then you have a good chance of winning. Even 1 hour and you'll finish in the top 10.

At the end of the day the anchor riders all come in after the final lap (lap of honour) usually around 6 or 6:30 with fireworks. The leading team rider leading all the riders through a tunnel of supporters.

It's very spectacular.

Last year I went as a spectator and rode to the course. On arrival a team mate informed me they were short a rider so I volunteered to do a few legs. I ended up going all day doing about 5 legs... was glad I did it even though I had to do a crash roll over a rider that went down in front of me.... :eek:uch:

Our 'A' team have a good chance of winning this year providing they all participate. This is our 4th year at the event and some may sit it out.

Will let you know if we need any more riders from here....

I have heard about this race and do you have any idea why it is so damn expensive. What do you get for 15000 yen per person (3 man). I would be realy excited about it but its to rich for my blood.

This Thursday.

Paid 10,000 this time. Team of 5.
It's expensive because it's a formula 1/ type /motorcycle circuit.
We have to pay the same rental as the big car races...

Insurance, car park attendants, plus profit to the owners of the place I'd say.
They put on a fireworks show at the end...

It's a hard day... but we get to meet a lot of people and ride all day...

Anybody else going?
Small report.

We fielded 10 teams out of 300.
I was in a makeshit team with some guest riders and one of them turned up with a fever and spent the day in the car, which meant we had to work a lot more than we had planned.

Our A team had a few problems with the sensor falling off twice and the guy had to go back and look for it which probably cost them a top 5 finish. They ended up 11th.

There were numerous crashes and I managed to avoid them (this year).

The race started on time at 10a.m and went till 6p.m. I had 6 shifts and managed to put in 102km for the day and was voted in to anchor the last 40 minutes. On my 2nd leg I got in a fast bunch and just sat on their tails for about 20km...every other leg was very very hard... The wind at the end was killing me....I really need to lose a lot of weight if I'm going to keep doing races...

Every time I hit 40kph in the last leg both my calves started to cramp and I had to slow down a lot so my last leg was the worst.... I guess I should have had a few more sports drinks and a bit more food...

I'll edit in the places of our teams and times when I find out what they are.

You guys should enter some teams in it next year.....

I'm knackered.....(the 140-150 odd km I did last Sunday was enough to toughen me up for today...thanks Trucksan for making me ride a lot further than I usually do on a Sunday...

Hopefully today has toughened me up even more for next Sunday's Bridgestone festival in Narita....
Thanks for the report. there is a school of thought that advocates getting into shape by racing. It does work but all those entry fees can make for expensive training. Good luck next week.
目の前で落車が何回もあって、その度にひえええええっ死ぬぅ:cry: と思ったものです。
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