Truspin Campaign Offer

Hello All,

With the ramping up of the Astuto Continental Store, we are offering our Truspin Service at a heavily discounted price during our soft opening period.

Truspin Wheel System Service: The Truspin Service is a complete system setup.We look at not only the wheel but the complete system. How can we make the best wheel system on the market? Simple, we combine our building expertise with high technology and a little old school ideology.

Truspin takes your wheelset from the most basic form and builds it up to the ultimate wheels system.

First we de-tension the spokes and reset them to equal tension on all spokes. This ensures a balanced wheel and reduces the chance of breaking spokes. Spoke tension value is determined by mfg specs and personalized consultation.

With the tension correctly set we then make the wheel straight and round with precision up to .05mm in both vertical and horizontal directions.

We then bring the spokes back up to proper tension while keeping the wheel statically balanced. A statically balanced wheel is a wheel that has an equal distance from hub to rim edge in every direction. This means your wheel is as round as possible and will roll with ease. In addition, proper tension will mean your wheel is as stiff as possible to reduce power loss through spoke wind up and have less horizontal movement, thus increasing your handling performance.

Next, with a state of the art wheel balancing machine, wheels are now balanced to get rid of the harmonic vibrations that resonate at higher speeds. What does this mean for you? It means more power. A balanced wheel will rotate in a perfect circle and reduce the amount of energy lost through harmonic vibration.

By adding weights to your wheels in strategic locations the vibrations are reduced next to nothing. This may seem counterproductive as lighter is better right? Wrong! The data shows that for every gram of weight added to balance your wheel, you will save .5 watts of power. Seems small right? Well think about this: On average a 50-60mm carbon wheel needs up to 20 grams of counter weight to be balanced (of course having a better quality race tire will reduce this amount). This means you could be saving up to 10 watts per wheel!

Furthermore, wheels are balanced at 120 km/h roughly twice the speed at which harmonic vibrations occur. Why do we do this? If the wheel vibrates at 60km/h, doubling the speed will double the intensity of vibrations and allow us to more precisely balance the wheels so they feel silky smooth at high riding speeds.

The end result of the Truspin Wheel System Service is a wheel system that is statically and dynamically centered and balanced.

Truspin Campain: Cyclists riding Astuto Wheels: 50% discount. All other Cyclists: 25% discount

Truspin Tubular Package A: 10,000円/ Wheel. P&K Microtune+Truspin Dynamic Balance

Truspin Tubular Pacakge B: 15,000円/ Wheel. Tire Dismount/ Remount* + P&K Microtune+ Truspin Dynamic Balance

Truspin Clincher Package: 10,000円/Wheel. Tire Dismount/ Remount+ P&K Microtune+ Truspin Dynamic Balance.

*Tubular Dismounting/Remounting base price is 15,000円. Change in price may occur depending on difficulty of dismount and cleaning.


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Sep 26, 2011
Why do you need to dismount clincher tires?
How much difference will a new tire/ new tube make to a balanced wheel?


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Oct 11, 2009
@Malte -
1) Dismount is required to static true the wheel. Our dial indicators measure both lateral and radial runout simultaneously. Many times I've seen wheels that are laterally true (what most people are sensitive to seeing), however , radially out of true lending towards imbalance in spoke tensions as well. So - to get the wheel as uniform as possible , all 3 things need to be considered - uniform spoke tension, radial and lateral runouts. Radial runout, by the way, has the largest effect on dynamic imbalance.

2) If the new tire and tube are same as the old one - and balanced when both were new, they'll be more in synch than not. However, it's pretty amazing how little weight differences can make large changes in the balance.

3) As we mature this service, we'll add a 'followup' or 'remount' price for wheels that have been trued and balanced before. It generally takes less time to work on a set that has been processed. Initial sets can have a multitude of issues to deal with.


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Hardest Crash
Jul 26, 2008
Please excuse this most newbee/uneducated question, but when I get new tires on my car, they balance the whole she-bang (tire and all, and it doesn't take much these days).

Sure, those tires are heavier, etc., but can you offer that bike tire/tube balance variations are minimal enough that you don't need to account for them?

e.g., How much does a valve stem weigh (and the slightly more dense area surrounding it), vs. the kind of weight you might be adding/adjusting for?


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Oct 11, 2009
@jdd this is a good question. In fact, adding the dampening factor of rider and tire, the vibration of a bike wheel is typically inconsequential and not noticable. However it does become significant around the peak resonant point which is about 65kph. So, if you never ride more than 45kph (where the resonance starts) and / or arent splitting hairs for a podium, then I wouldnt advise this service. But if you do go faster and / or need a few extra seconds (or a little more in the tank) this is one way to snag some "marginal gains".

Descents this year in the Alps compared to last year were night and day for me. Much more confident, smooth and faster. Generally i was descending at more than 15-20kph faster. The big killer for me has been getting through the 65kph warp zone. I dont even feel it now.

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Oct 11, 2009
@Robert - tubeless clincher and tubed are basically the same. Bear in mind, if you use a liquid sealant like Stan's , it's not likely to balance effectively as it tends to migrate at higher rotation speeds and actually cause worse harmonics. Cafe Latex, on the otherhand, seems to be fine as it will foam up internally and stay rather consistent. But it has to be 'fresh'. It tends to lose it's foaming characteristics within a few months. (I know this cause my front wheel from August has Cafe Latex and yesterday it wouldn't balance - we found the sealant was nearly pure liquid.)

The equipment is at the Akasaka location and hours there are Monday - Sat , 11am - 8pm.

The fun for climbing wheels comes in the descents. Climbing wheels tend to be as light as possible and sometimes a bit 'jittery' on the descents. By getting them as true as possible and perfectly balanced, the resulting descents are smoother - especially if you routinely hit them in the 50-70kph zone.
Hi Robert,

Our Address is 東京都港区赤坂4-9-19赤坂TOビル1,2F

We are right next to the Akasaka police station. The closest station would be Akasaka Mitsuke.

We use lead tape that is place on the rim, so it is exposed. Hiding the weight is not really possible. Putting it under the rim tape is something we thought about, but that would require removing the tire every time, which in fact change the balance again.