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Jun 22, 2008
David and me know each other now for ten years and we are not getting any younger nor faster. At some point we reached the limit where a lighter and better bike has not helped us to achieve better performances. The truth is that it is much easier to lose ten kg of body weight, as compared to buy a lighter bike than is 10 kg lighter (which is anyway only possible with a helium filled frame). However, as we cannot manage that on our own, we thought of something that will also contribute to a good cause.

The Goal: Each of us to lose ten kg in ten months.

The competition: David vs. mob – who losses has to pay

The bet: Who will achieve 10 kg first? Please join us and place your bet.

Details here: http://cyclyng.com/2015/08/30/david-mob-tripple-ten-challenge/


Well, the weight-in will be concluded tomorrow, so I can tell you then precisely. But you can expect something in the 94-95kg range for me and 95-96kg range for David.
If you woudl like to contact David, he is active on TCC under his handle "dgl2".
Cheers. Was just wondering what you were both starting with. Easier for a 300kg guy to lose 10kg than a 60kg guy, for example.

Good luck with this!
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