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For sale Classifieds Trico Iron Sports Case (Bike Box)

Bike box for travelling with your bike on an airplane.
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For sale is a 'Trico Sports Iron case'. The case was used to transport a bicycle on the airplane, but don't have much use for it now. The box is more compact than a typical cardboard bike-box since both the wheels need to be removed, but it is quite bomb-proof and also has wheels for 'easy' transport. It also fits in the boot of normal sedans (taxis etc.) unlike a typical bike-box (which needs a mini-van) - it's essentially the width of two L-size suitcases placed next to each other.

This is quite good if you're worried about your bike getting damaged, and want a more compact/tough case for easy transport.

Dimensions: 119.38 (L) x 77.47 (W) x 26.67 (D) cm (depth increases a bit with a bicycle inside).
Weight: 13.5 kg

Trico-case is quite famous for its ruggedness; the external shell is poly-carbonate, and the frame/wheels are protected by thick foam layers. You should be able to use this as part of the 'sports baggage' allowance on airlines, while also having some last-mile travel flexibility due to its compact-ness (it's ~60-70cm smaller than a normal cardboard bike box).

The retail price is/was $450; so I think 25000円 is reasonable. I don't have a car, so you'll need to come pick it up at my place or at the closest station.
Just to chime in on this: I bought one of these on this forum, and this thing is great. Not a scratch on it.

The only thing I'd add is that it is likely too small for mountain bikes and that you can pack less stuff in it than with a disposable bike box (where the added stuff pulls double duty as a cushioning material).
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