For Sale Trek 9.5

Jul 12, 2013
Nice speedy looking TT bike... What's the real size?

as noted in Fit and Sizing on the site: frame stack 49.2cm, frame reach 39.0cm, standover 75.0cm, wheelbase 96.1cm, trail 6.1cm, offset 4.5cm, chainstay length 40.0cm, bottom bracket drop 8.0cm, effective top tube 49.5cm, head angle 72.2, head tube length 6.5cm, seat tube angle 78, seat tube 50.3cm.

you're welcome to call if you have more questions. i'm in Yokosuka. Phone; Zero-Eight-0 4404 5487.

(Edited your phone number to prevent automated scanning)
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Maximum Pace
Nov 14, 2011
Miura, Japan
For those who may not know Ester, she is very involved with American cycling/triathlon riders in Yokosuka/Atsugi/Zama etc...
Also she has worked with Chuck setting up fittings in Yokosuka for the triathletes.

Just posting this for those that may be scared off by the low post count.
Her reputation in those circles are top notch.