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Travis' Loop (July 18)


The Crank Engine
Nov 1, 2005
This post serves as a short notice to those who cannot make it to Philip's ride this Saturday.

We'll be riding Travis' Loop on Saturday, July 18, a tour conceived by our YellowGiant tailored on the training needs of those who participate in the Giro de Hotaka in November.

Here's the map

=> http://www.mapmyrun.com/route/jp/tokyo/993949686730

We will meet at 0900 at Musashi-Itsukaichi Sta., roll-out at 0930.

Participants so far:

- Deej
- Phil
- Sergey
- Thomas

The current record time for the entire ride stands at Philip's fabulous 4:29'00, therefore we expect to regroup at M-I Sta. around 1500 or earlier.
Gents, many thanks for the thoroughly enjoyable ride today. Excellent scenery, lovely quiet roads (well, occasional maniac on mufflerless bike excepted), and, best of all, superb company. Though as expected Kazahari-riindo completely defeated me, I think I might actually be getting the hang of some of those west-side climbs; there were bits of that Tomin-no-mori road where, looking out at the mist clinging to the lower slopes of the hills, I was almost enjoying myself. I think the beer and soba helped a lot.

Deej > It was far too brief, but good to see you today. Hope you made it back in time for the game of catch...
I also thoroughly enjoyed myself today. Thanks for the great company and the laughs, guys. Kazahari-rindo never gets any easier, does it?

Thomas, Sergey and Phil -- It had been far too long since we had ridden together. Let's try to catch up again soon!

David -- Wonderful to ride with you again. For a guy who doesn't spend much time in the hills, you sure handled Kazahari with aplomb. Bravo!

Sorry I had to peel off after the first climb. But I kept my promise to my eldest son and rolled up to my front door at exactly 2:00. I did indeed get in some solid baseball time with both sons before I had to leave for the office (where I am at this very moment). Now, I am one very tired manchild.

Until next time!

Dave, Deej, Phil, Sergey, a belated "thank you" for the - I agree - thoroughly enjoyable ride. Punishing climbs, but great camaraderie. Deej, it's been too long, and it was good to see you again - even if it was just the back of your jersey up Kazahari-rindo for most of the time. Phil, the converted, indulged into his newfound in-ride beer habits in the West. It tastes even better after (during, before) climbing, doesn't it? :D

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