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Feb 15, 2007
I am planning to transport my bike to triathlon races in Japan and overseas. For races in Japan, that require me to fly, I intend to send the bike ahead of me using a delivery company. This process has worked well in the past when I go skiing. However, I have no experience transporting a bicycle.

The delivery company require me to pack the bike for transportation. I have two options:

A) cardboard bicycle box (used to deliver new bikes to bike shops);

B) a bicycle bag

Option A is low cost but has the following issues. You need to disassemble & reassemble the bike, you need to be good at packing, and the box has a limited life.

Option B is relatively expensive - Y50,000 for a Scicon soft bag & Y115,000 for a hardcase. However, that buys you a lot of convenience and . . . peace of mind???

Does anyone have any experience with this? What would you recommend? Which bags should I look consider?

I have an Ostrich case which is semi-hard. Cost 50,000 or so. You are most welcome to try it out on your next jaunt. Designed to go on a plane and only requires removal of wheels.

A very generous offer . . .

Dear Charles,

That is a very generous offer. I was shopping today and looked at the Ostrich brochure. It was the brand I wanted (model OS1000) but the distributor has no stock (until after my first triathlon).

I am hoping to join you this Saturday on the Okutama ride (I will know tomorrow). Maybe we can discuss then.

I am very touched by your generosity,

Kind regards,


PS - I guess when you buy a Colnago they give you an Ostrich bag - when you buy a Giant they give you a plastic shopping bag :)
Japan Cycling Org / Yamato

Dear Sora-san,

I was not aware of the relationship between Yamato and the Japan Cycling Org. Thank you. That looks like a great deal. Thank you Sora-san!

Kind regards,

Which & why?

Hi Edogawakikkoman,

Which bag did you buy? and why did you select it rather than any others?


Hi Edogawakikkoman,

Which bag did you buy? and why did you select it rather than any others?



Which bag did you buy?

and why did you select it rather than any others?
Can't remember exactly...something like this....

It seemed like I could pack it in my drink holder if I had nowhere else to put it...
Thought that having the seat protruding would give me something to grip on.
The bag it comes in doubles as a saddle cover.
It also has detachable shoulder straps....and other assorted magic tape (velcro) straps for fastening the front wheel & handle bars... I didn't think much about it and just grabbed it off the shelf... my friend whose shop I bought it from didn't object to my slection... he usually does if there is something better....

Just had to dig it out of the bicycle store room, open it up and learn all about it myself...
Thank you . . .


That is very helpful.


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