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Tranporting Bike (and Cyclist) To/From Narita Airport

Helen C

Aug 26, 2010

I'm arriving at Narita at the end of the month and will be cycling around Japan for six weeks. My intention is to discard the bike box that I use to bring my bike to Japan in at the airport and then to ride from the airport to Narita town, where I'll spend my first night. I'm hoping to find a bike shop in Narita where I can organize for them to have a bike box available for me come mid-November. At the end of my trip, I'll bike to the shop and ask them to box my bike up and then find a bus to take me and the boxed bike to the airport.

Does this plan sound feasible? Am I missing anything? Does anyone know of any bike shops in Narita which might be able to help?


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Speeding Up
May 29, 2008
Be aware that Narita city is near but not walking distance to Narita airport. I've boxed my bike and taken it on the train with no problem other than not having many hands to carry all my nonsense. You can also take luggage or a boxed bike at the airport and leave it there for a fee (look for luggage storage) or potentially get it shipped there (if, for instance you don't make it back to Narita in time).

Good luck!


Maximum Pace
Oct 2, 2009
Pretty much the only shop I know in Narita is called "authen" and they are a very fashionable fixed gear/fashion shop. Not a lot of produce for the road rider if you are not interested in fancy t-shirts, but very nice guys running it. I only had positive experiences asking for these kind of favors at shops, but would recommend shooting them a mail in advance.

The shop is in schluffing distance from Narita or Keisei Narita Station, which both are one train stop away from the airport. If you can manage to ride your bike with your bikebox and everything in hand it is about 3km from the airport.

Good luck!

TEL 0476-36-7969
OPEN 12:00~20:00
Wednesday closed
[email protected]


Oct 5, 2008
Good luck with the trip.
If you assemble your bike at the airport you will have the problem of disposing of the box. I don`t recall seeing any large dumpster type bins. You could leave the box outside where the coach/bus stands are but this would be seen as bad form in Japan.
When you exit the customs area if you turn right and keep going to the end of the hall you will find some seats, restrooms, drink machines and some space. Here you could attend to the bike. In this area are some luggage couriers who may take your box but they may not.
As others have suggested you may find it easier to catch a limousine bus or train to a nearby town. There you could take some time with the bike.
Safe journey


Maximum Pace
Sep 1, 2007
You could leave the box outside where the coach/bus stands are but this would be seen as bad form in Japan.

Not to mention in these times of hyper-sensitive security, you could shut down the airport while the bomb removal unit removes your box. :eek:


Nov 16, 2009
Hi Helen:

You could do something similar to what I will be doing which is to take my bike box from Narita to Ueno on the Keisei skyliner. I found a hotel about 6 minutes walk away that will store my bike box while I'm away riding. I arranged this a few months ago when I made my hotel reservation. I'm sure you could find a hotel in Narita who would be willing to do the same thing. I think there are shuttles from Narita to nearby airport hotels that you could try contacting.

Good luck. I may bump into you along the road somewhere.
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