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Oct 11, 2009
I'm looking for a semi-serious training partner to help grind through the winter dayze. Rough schedule - 3x weekly at gym (eves) - I use local gym which is pretty cheap - 400yen / 3hrs. 2x weekly morning Arakawa mixed mode (hiki, TT, etc) . That's about it - obviously there are plenty of group rides to choose from on the weekends - but I like the mutual support to drag it out on the shit days and keep it going. Since I live near Shinjuku - common location would be good. Total time is about 12hr/wk. P.S. I'll even loan my Agnostic Cycling bible and spare fixie if you want.
Currently going to the Toyama Park gym which is adjacent to the Waseda Pool. About 15min from Shinjuku (towards Takedanobaba). It costs 400yen per visit which is same just about anywhere I could find near Shinjuku / Shibuya / Nakano.
2slow 4u?

Hi Tim,

Sorry, I'm a bit new to this forum and riding in general. I have done consistently rides of about 2-3 hrs. at 27-30km, but I am afraid I am too slow for you. I would love to try, as I am also in the Shinjuku area(Sendagaya). Would love to get into it more seriously as I am moving away from competitive running.

As for the gym. Work pays for mine next doors so reluctant to give up that.

Thanks in advance,

HI everyone - speed is not an issue here. My winter training is more centered on building core strength, skill and power. Its not about hammering 40kph as far you can go. I'm training no longer than 2hr - and any higher speed work is done in the context of repeated intervals where the slower riders can easily catch up in the recovery period. So - slow riders are perfectly welcome. I'm not fast, myself and this is not an elite rider training group.
I could probably do Thursdays 7-830ish at your gym. Your welcome to join my yoga class 730-9pm fridays in hiroo (2500 drop in).

Getting more and more curious about this hiki thing but could only do it on weekends and would have to borrow a bike:eek:
I think I'm in

Hey Tim,

Thanks for the reply. When and where are you thinking for the morning sessions? Ride from Shinjuku to Arakawa? Let me know and I'll try to work it out. If 2 hours, I would need to get out the door by 6:30AM. My goal is just to improve my skills on the bike and aerobic fitness at this point- starting.


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